Freerice Phenomenon: Students Feed 70 People through Grammar Exercises

“I was so excited to see my work and name pop up on the screen,” said Scott Koger, criminal justice student. “This project has made me feel like I have been part of something that will help others around the world gain a little more knowledge about grammar.”

Globe University-La Crosse Composition students teamed up with the United Nations’ World Food Program for a service-learning project.  Service-learning is a teaching method that connects academic study, practical experience, and civic engagement.

As a class, the students created more than 300 grammar exercises that were published on to expand the program’s “English Grammar” section.  Their additions will encourage visitors to return to the website and keep playing to earn rice. For every correct answer, 10 grains of rice are donated to feed people in countries all over the world!

FreericeAbby Ravera, Online Community Manager for Freerice, was very pleased with the students’ work after receiving their exercises from their instructor Jodie Liedke, general education and service learning coordinator at Globe-La Crosse.

“Please pass our thanks on to your students, and our congratulations for such interesting questions,” said Ravera. “They certainly add color and life to our English Grammar subject.  You’ve done an excellent job of teaching them.”

Freerice awarded the Composition class and named them December’s Freericers of the Month.

Many of our students claimed that they learned more from creating the grammar exercises because it required more thought and let them be creative and show their personalities instead of just taking quizzes out of their textbook.  They had to know the grammar rules to be able to break them. 

“Actually having to use and make up these exercises has changed my writing because I am using the knowledge I have learned in class and putting it into an assignment,” said Gloria Nichols, business administration degree student. “I am a visual person, and having to create something makes me remember the rules better than someone just telling me how to do something. After making exercises and seeing them u p on the website, I’m connected to the Freerice program even more.  We are giving knowledge and rice at the same time to people around the world … I’m more connected with the United Nations as well; I think of them more now after they let us help them, help others.”

Not only did the students liven up the grammar section, they also spread the word and encouraged their family, friends, peers, and instructors to join the group and earn rice as well.  In 11 weeks, the Globe University-La Crosse Composition class, with the help of others, raised 256,490 grains of rice, which feeds more than 70 people.

“The concept of feeding the brain while feeding the hungry is great,” said William Jones, business administration student. “It takes 29,000 grains of rice to make a pound, which will feed about eight people. As of this time I have 80,000 grains of rice and am still going.”

Want to join and be a part of the movement to offer free education to all and end world hunger? Then, follow these easy steps:

  • Visit
  • Create an account
  • Join the “Globe University La Crosse, WI, USA” group
  • Play and earn rice
  • Spread the word

Join us! Let’s see how much Globe-La Crosse’s staff, faculty, students, and our friends, family, and community members can raise!

This post was written by Jodie Liedke. Liedke, a true Wisconsinite, having labored four summers in a mozzarella factory, received her BA from Lakeland College and her Masters in Fine Arts from Wichita State University in Kansas.  Liedke is the General Education and Service-Learning Coordinator, a Creative Quill and Writing Across the Curriculum lead, and the advisor/instructor for GLUWW (Globe La Crosse Writers Write). When not writing creatively, Liedke enjoys watching films, exploring the outdoors, and biking.