From Fear to Career Success: A Globe University Graduate’s Story

Going to college can be scary, especially if you’re returning to school after 20 years. Michelle Hanson, Globe University-La Crosse alum, turned her fear into success. Before she even graduated with a medical assistant degree, she had a job waiting for her. Read her story to learn how she achieved career success.

I chose to attend Globe because it was the perfect environment for me.

medical assistant degree, Globe University La Crosse

Michelle Hanson (left) volunteering at the Children’s Museum of La Crosse with Paula Clark, fellow medical assistant alum.

I had not been in a classroom for more than 20 years and was pretty scared about what I was getting myself into. I had no idea what my capabilities were when it came to studying, test taking or even interacting with the rest of the student population, so the size of the school is really what first attracted me to Globe University. Then, once I began to meet the staff and take a look around at the classes, I knew I could transition into becoming a student. And the fact that all of the resources I would ever need were right there for me was a huge bonus.

Globe has helped me in so many ways to achieve my career goal.

The most important point for me to explain is that I did exactly what my instructors recommended. The instruction I received about professionalism and really building my resume helped me become the candidate that employers were looking for. So I studied and worked hard. I took every bit of advice that was offered and just kept building my resume.

Then Dawn Boayue, [medical assistant program chair], selected the exact place I needed to be for my externship, at Sparta Mayo Clinic. It was a perfect fit from day one. I went into it with a quiet confidence and absorbed every bit of information I could, just as I did in the classroom. And bam….the job I was looking for found me.

I hadn’t even applied or graduated yet and I had accepted the formal job offer from the Mayo Clinic in Tomah. Globe helped me to incorporate my new skill set in the medical field with the previous skills I had in the quality assurance and safety industry. My supervisors have really created a great position for me at the clinic.

I get to go to work every day to a job that I enjoy.

medical assistant degree, Globe University La Crosse

Michelle Hanson volunteering at a Red Cross blood drive with fellow medical assistant alum, Tina Nguyen.

I am a full time certified medical assistant and the safety coordinator for the Tomah Clinic. I am currently in the process of updating/writing clinic safety policies and I get to continue working with patients. I would have never imagined it would happen just like that and I would be able to utilize my previous experience.

I would definitely recommend Globe to other students who were like me.

I was so uncertain that I could do it and scared that I would give up. My husband and I had so much change in our lives while I was a student…there were some times when I thought that it would be impossible for me to continue as a student but all I had to do was ask for help and everyone at Globe was there with a helping hand. Globe was more than just a school for me.