Get Ready for the La Crosse Career Fair with Career Services!

Globe University-La Crosse Career Services wants you to be ready for the 2012 Career Fair! The annual event will be held Wednesday, March 28 from 10am-4pm at the Lunda Center at Western Technical College. Click here for more information about the event!
Career Fair 2012
Follow these tips for a great day at the Career Fair:
The Globe-La Crosse Career Services Team!

The Globe-La Crosse Career Services Team!

Bring along several copies of resume and references to offer to employers. Not every booth will accept your resume, but it’s appropriate to professionally offer them to the employers you connect with.

Attend the Career Fair without children or friends. Treat the event like an interview, not a social gathering. If you do attend with a friend, approach the employers separately and reconvene together in the lobby.

Before the event, do some research. Check out the companies in attendance  in advance and find out what jobs they have posted on their website.  You can ask about these opportunities when you’re connecting with the employers.

Dress for success. Treat the Career Fair like an interview and dress in conservative and professional attire.

Make sure to practice your 60 second commercial. Be able to clearly speak about your skills and abilities and how they can contribute to the employers you are talking to.

Great advice from Career Services! Students, if you’d like more information, visit with Career Services! Sarah, Carolyn, and Crystal are glad to help!