Giving Thanks and Giving Back: Globe University Students and Staff Create Holiday Cards for Soldiers

Giving Thanks and Giving Back

Giving Thanks and Giving Back

What kind of little things make “the liver and onions” on your plate easier to stomach? It seems that for most people, being recognized for the day-to-day things they are already doing, make doing them worthwhile. Using this sentiment, I believe that active duty service people probably want to know that we are thinking about them and that we remember the sacrifices they are making to provide us with this service. With the holidays approaching and the sentiments of Thanksgiving upon us this week, let’s write a letter to the often forgotten on Thanksgiving, the American soldiers who are away from home, keeping the “home of the free” safe and able to be thankful this Thursday (and every day). If you are a residential student, please join in the effort here on campus of giving thanks and giving back.There are card making supplies and military themed stationary available in the commons all of this and next week!

Several Globe University student- veterans have expressed to me that letters and cards from home were the bright point in any day of their deployments. The servicepersons impatiently waited for mail. Each letter and card helps them make it through their days and weeks. While reading “thank you” cards on, I found that many of the men and women overseas are grateful to know that people at home are supporting them. One letter said, “Your support and patriotism has helped strengthen the resolve of our Marines. It’s people like you that keep the Marines motivated and proud to serve our country” (Cullins, para. 1). Another proudly boasted, “…I personally distributed some of your letters to several wounded National Guard veterans at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Your efforts made a different in people’s lives…”(Schultz, para. 2).

To join in the letter writing campaign, bring your letters to Globe University and place them in our holiday wrapped box in the commons area. The letters will be mailed to active duty soldiers this holiday season. If you are outside of the Coulee Region, go to to learn where to send your cards and letters. The men and women away from home will find it a great comfort to hear from you!


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