Globe-La Crosse Film Students Dress the Part

Film in Society Students "MAMA Productions"

Film in Society Students "MAMA Productions"

Film in Society students at Globe University-La Crosse set the scene with The Breakfast Club as they presented a formal analysis of the film to their instructor and peers.

Michelle, Amanda, Mitch, and Austin, also known to the class as MAMA Productions, took their group presentation to the dressing room as they slipped into *mise en scène and became the featured protagonists in the 80’s film.

Michelle took on the persona of Allison Reynolds, the “basket case,” Amanda, as Claire Standish, “the princess,” Mitch, became Andy Clark, “the athlete,” Austin stepped into John Bender’s character as “the criminal,” and finally, with a little extra support, Tony Pustina, adjunct instructor, completed the crew by being Brian Johnson, “the brain.”

Along with mise en scène, MAMA Productions analyzed the type of film, sound, lighting, and camera angles and shot types in The Breakfast Club. MAMA Productions exposed how the “longevity of stereotypes still exist more than 25 years later,” but it seems to take society
“longer to learn the lesson that these students learned in 9 hours of detention.”

“It is always exciting to see students truly get into projects with a strong sense of desire and stake to become an example of what they are learning,” said Jodie Liedke, instructor of Film in Society.

*mise en scène -in French means “putting on stage”