Globe-La Crosse Gets WACed Out!

WAC Committee Members

WAC Committee Members

Globe University-La Crosse Implements a Writing Across the Curriculum Program

Q. What’s the number one reasons why applicants do not receive an interview?
A. Grammar and spelling mistakes on their cover letters and resumes
In January 2011, Globe University-La Crosse began to implement a Writing Across the Curriculum program (WAC), led by me, Jodie Liedke, Instructor and General Education Coordinator, to ensure that our students have the professional writing skills to succeed in their job search post-graduation.
The first day of class, I remind my students that their writing is similar to that first handshake before an interview.  Writing is a first impression. If they want to be remembered in a positive light, they need to pay attention to their organization, language, spelling, etc., especially in their e-mails.  Many times this is the first piece of writing an employer sees when an applicant inquires about a position.
Along with teaching Foundations of Writing II, Composition, Film in Society, Introduction to Literature, and Creative Writing at the La Crosse campus, I took on the WAC Lead position in October 2010 under the supervision of Sean Parker, Dean of Faculty at Globe-La Crosse.
“I am a firm believer that all professional training should address the manner in which someone conveys their thoughts via the printed word. WAC is the practical outgrowth of that belief,” said Parker.
Since then, the WAC committee has helped guide and support their faculty and students toward writing success.
WAC Committee:
  • Jodie Liedke, General Education Coordinator and WAC Lead
  • Rebekah Myer, Paralegal Adjunct Instructor
  • Crystal Layland, Career Services Coordinator
  • DeAnn Perzel, Business Program Chair
  • Ree Nae Roberge-Greene, Student Services Coordinator
  • Rhonda Staats, Health Care Management Program Chair
  • Scott Alo, Criminal Justice Program Chair
  • Sean Parker, Dean of Faculty
  • Sue Miller, Campus Librarian
  • Brady Lowe, Community Relations and Communications
  • Tony Pustina, Medical Adjunct Instructor
  • June Vatland, Associate Dean of Faculty
  • Stephanie Schultz, Medical/Business Adjunct Instructor
  • Trish Meeks, Veterinary Technology Adjunct Instructor
  • Brian Beard, Full-time Massage Instructor
The La Crosse campus has held multiple faculty preparation workshops to educate and encourage faculty to include more writing into their classrooms from essays to short 3 minute in-class writing activities that not only promote writing but critical thinking and application of course objectives.  The WAC committee has also organized multiple student writing contest and activities to encourage excitement about writing:
  • Spontaneous Writing Contest
  • APA Citation Contest
  • Cover Letter Contest
  • Library Research Essay Award
Epy WAC La Crosse Mascot

Epy WAC La Crosse Mascot

The most recent contest asked students to practice their writing from a marketing standpoint by creating a flier to campaign for their WAC mascot.  By student vote, medical assistant student, Jonathan Bartels’s mascot, Epy took the title. Epy now serves as the “face” for the WAC program at the La Crosse campus.
Writing for many is like trying to ride a unicycle, not a bicycle, for the first time. You have no idea how to even get on it, but along with myself, the WAC committee, and the support of all faculty and staff, and Epy, the WAC program at La Crosse encourages our students to practice, practice, practice.
*The success of Globe-La Crosse’s WAC program has inspired many of the other 28 Globe campuses to implement the program and get their students WACed Out!