Globe-La Crosse Has a New Director of Career Services, Carolyn Moe

Carolyn’s Advice for Current Students about Finding that Dream Job

Carolyn Moe has been a part of Globe-La Crosse from nearly the beginning. She started in 2009 as part of the Education Team, helping students with scheduling, personal crisis, and academic woes. In August of 2011, Carolyn made a change and began working with students in the area of job assistance. She along with Crystal Layland shared the office occupying the former student store. There, Career Services has flourished with its added visibility! Carolyn also helped Career Services gain visibility by implementing and promoting Career Café Tuesdays during the winter months, where students could come in a get a warm cup of joe while chatting about career related information with Carolyn and Crystal.

Something that Carolyn would like to bring to the position of Director of Career Services is that finding a job should not be daunting. Getting a new job (and career) is a very exciting time in a person’s life, and she believes that each and every student needs to find his or her passion to get that perfect placement in his or her dream job. One of the great things about being a GEN student is the lifetime of job assistance available to graduates. Students who graduate from Globe, MSB, or Broadview University are able to seek help from their campus if and when they need assistance in the job hunt. If a student moves from the La Crosse area, he or she can expect that
same assistance from other GEN schools in the area where he or she settles.

A huge portion of the job in Career Services is going on employer visits. Each month, the Career Services team collectively makes, at minimum, twenty employer visits. The purpose of these visits is to build rapport in the community for Globe students. Some of the results of these visits might be potential externship sites, finding out what companies or agencies may be hiring and how a student might apply for the opening, and what the company or agency is looking for from a Globe graduate. Some of the employers that Carolyn has visited with are: Gunderson Lutheran, ABR, Pet Me Scratch Me, Bronston Chiropractic, and Authenticom to name a few.

Some advice that she has for our students is no matter what program you are in, join a campus organization. Each and every program has a club that directly or indirectly relates to that program, even Information Technology. Joining an organization is important for a student’s resume because it helps to give the student experience in his or her field before graduating and by making connections in the field.  Many prospective employers look to see what community service and service learning a student has completed even before an interview. If joining a club can get a student an interview, then the time and dedication put into it is worth it.

A person may be asking, “But I’m in my first or second quarter, why does this matter to me? I’m not ready to go out and get a job yet! I have too much homework and too many responsibilities at home to even think about adding something else to my plate right now!” Here is why: Carolyn’s biggest secret that she wants to share with each and every student at Globe-La Crosse is that well before reaching PD250/255 he or she needs to visit Career Services to talk with them and find out what career assistance is all about.  Furthermore, Carolyn wants students to apply for jobs in his or her field, and if that is the case, she wants to help make sure the resume is up to Globe
standards.  Carolyn and Crystal want to see resumes even before a student reaches Career Development, so a student may potentially acquire a job prior to graduation. By doing so, he or she will already have a “foot in the door” to move up within the organization over time!

One other piece of advice from Carolyn in Career Services is that some programs, like Vet Tech, Massage Therapy, and Medical Assisting have licensure testing to complete before a job doing the sought credential can be begun, but by working with one’s program chair, students can get tested as early as possible, so he or she can get into the workforce and start working in that job he or she always wanted.