Globe-La Crosse Students Leave their Print

The Creative Quill Publishes Student Creative Writing

Six Globe University-La Crosse students will be featured in the 2012 issue of the Creative Quill, Globe University’s literary journal. The journal is published once a year and features poetry and lyrics, fiction and drama, and creative non-fiction.

Creative Writing Class Early Fall 2011

Creative Writing Class Early Fall 2011 Pictured afer their Public Reading with their instructor, Jodie Liedke, General Education Coordinator

Five of the six soon-to-be-published students, were or are currently enrolled in Creative Writing, a general education course at the La Crosse campus. Though an elective for all students, the course has had quite the impact:

Earning his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Mark Hanson who completed Creative Writing in Early Fall 2011 said, “It [writing] has given me a new hobby that I enjoy.  You can only play so many video games before you get bored.”

Bob Matthews, taking Creative Writing this quarter while working towards his Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice after already graduating from the Associate Program in Criminal Justice at Globe, agrees saying, “My ability to put thoughts to paper has been greatly enhanced.  This knowledge has assisted me in being able to write more effectively when the essays, research papers, and discussion boards have reared their heads. Communicating in a clearer, more concise manner has elevated my grades along with my confidence.”

The following pieces will be featured in the upcoming issue of the Creative Quill:


  • “Rose Cottage” by Chari Pickrell


  • “Tomorrow” by Holly
  • “Betrayer” by Christine Nelson
  • “Our Seasons Change” by Chari Pickrell

Creative Nonfiction

  • “Ghosts” by Devin
  • “Maybe I will Get it Right Some Day” by Bob Matthews
  • “Guitar Hero and My Wife” by Mark Hanson

Globe-La Crosse celebrates each student’s success and looks forward to reading more from them in the future. Congrats student writers and soon-to-be authors!