Globe University – La Crosse Gives Back to Community

On June 17, 2016, staff members and instructors at Globe University- La Crosse came together for a common goal: to give back to the community. Staff members and instructors were encouraged to bring friends and family along, and overall the La Crosse campus had 32 volunteers for its Community Service Day.

The volunteers purchased itemGroup Photo Community Service Days and put together care packages for the New Horizon’s Shelter and soldiers serving overseas. Children of staff members and instructors worked on making cards and drawing pictures to put in the care packages. Volunteers also participated in highway cleanup on the roads and highway near campus.

Toys R Us in Onalaska donated toys, children’s clothing, and items for babies to the La Crosse Campus. Globe employees made care packages with the donations to give to the New Horizon’s Shelter. Stephanie Donovan, the campus director of GU-La Crosse, said “It’s great to have strong community partners that believe in the same things that Globe University does, giving back to the community! Toys R Us Onalaska was so generous and donated so many wonderful items. She continued, “I am beyond thankful for their continued partnership and generosity.”

Leslie Carlson, an admissions representative at GU-La Crosse, said that she greatly enjoyed the experience.

“I liked how unique the experience was and how it touched on an organization that we could help with. New Horizon’s Shelter was very appreciative of what we did for them and was ecstatic that we donated so much,” Carlson said.

She said that she participated in the event because it is really important to be involved with the community to show them how much Globe University cares for them.

“It helps reflect the ‘We Care’ philosophy that our university goes by,” she said.

Toys R Us DonationOverall, the day was a huge success.

“This year’s event went great! Allowing staff to invite their families to participate in the day was so meaningful and impactful. It was nice to teach our families and young children about giving back to others.” Stephanie said. “The day was filled with fun, laughter and a true sense of community.”

Community Service Day is an annual event that the university participates in. Previous years, volunteers from the university have assisted with clean up at animal shelters, the Mississippi Valley conservancy, Clearwater Farm, the Children’s Museum, and Kane Street Garden.