Globe University-La Crosse is Helping Students and Staff Get Fit

Be Big, Be Strong, Be Healthy: College Edition

Brady and Jodie Attempting Yoga Tree Poses

Brady and Jodie Attempting Yoga Tree Poses

Beginning today at Globe University- La Crosse, the faculty and staff are being challenged to a “race” against the students. All are asked to track steps, minutes, and or miles to be recorded for “Be Big, Be Strong, Be Healthy: College Edition.”

On May 18th Globe University La Crosse has invited children between the ages of two and four to an event on campus called “Be Big, Be Strong, Be Healthy,” to teach them about healthy lifestyle choices that even they can make. With this idea in mind, the students and staff at Globe will be participating in their own healthy lifestyle learning.

Yes, getting children excited about fitness is important, but people of all ages need motivation and friendly competition to get moving. May is the perfect month to get started because many people are dreading abeach wedding, class reunion, or family gathering where they believe someone is going to be judging them based on how they look. Why not get everyone involved and cheer one another on!

Need ideas to get started? On May 15th from 10:00-11:00AM and 4:30-6:00PM healthy snacks and ideas to get moving will be presented in the commons or outdoors (weather permitting).

Want to get involved? Student should contact Ree Nae Roberge-Greene in the Learning Curve for more information. They can also watch the progress made on the bulletin board near room 101. We will collect minutes and miles each week until one group has reached the final destination of Broadview University in Boise, Idaho.