Globe University-La Crosse is Thinking Spring

January, February—the calendar says it’s winter. Blizzards are raging up and down the east coast. We still have to bundle up, shovel our driveway, scrape our windshield and warm up the car before we leave. It’s hard to believe that it will ever be nice again.

Spring 2015 registration

Globe University-La Crosse information area

Never fear — Spring has arrived at Globe University-La Crosse. We are already thinking Spring, and we want all students to think Spring as well. Spring Quarter 2015 registration began January 26 and continues through February 27. This will be a great chance to plan ahead for a wonderful Spring Quarter that is quickly approaching.

You may have asked yourself … what should I be doing to assure that I am on track? Faith Bergin, academic services coordinator, has the following advice for students:

“Students should get to know their Degree Progress. The Degree Progress is a report which constructs the courses and credits needed to successfully complete their degree.”

“If students are wondering about the course requirements in their program, or what core elective or general electives are available, this information is available in the course catalog which you can find on the homepage of Campus Connect,” Faith said. “There is also a kiosk in the commons before coming into the main office which has copies of all programs on campus, general electives and course descriptions.”

“If you take advantage of the open access to the Globe University-La Crosse staff who are always willing to help, you will never have a problem,” Veterinary technology student Renae Leuchtenmacher said.

Faith is your staff contact at Globe University-La Crosse. “Get to know your degree progress which helps you map out your road to academic success. We are always here to help,” Faith said.

We will still be drinking hot chocolate and stomping our boots when we walk onto campus, but just remember, only seven more weeks until Spring officially arrives.