Globe University-La Crosse Students Experience Communication Training: Insights Discovery, What Color Do You Lead With?


Insights Color Blocks

Involve me! Give me details! Show me that you care! Be brief; be bright; be gone!

The first time I read my Insights profile I was freaked out; it was too accurate. Who has been following me around for twenty-nine years to figure this out, and how did he or she know me better than my mother, sister, or husband? The answer is Insights Discovery which follows the theories laid out by Dr. C. Jung. To an outsider, this may seem strange, and I can attest that it actually does seem strange to outsiders: my husband gets angry every time someone (I work with) explains his or her own behavior by saying, “It’s because I lead with (insert color here).” This week I will be sharing with my first quarter students their Insights profiles and helping each of them figure out what it means to each one of them individually. For that one reason, I think week six is monumental: Students in the Global Citizenship class are finally let into the “color club.”


Insights Shirts

Students volunteer at Salvation Army sporting their leading color!

Insights gives students more than just a way to fit in and understand the culture at Globe. It helps them in the world and in their future careers. Thomas Sharp, seeking a BS in Healthcare Management said that he uses it every day. It helps him understand the strengths and weaknesses of those that he works with and encounters. By learning in the context of Global Citizenship, he believes that it helped to put the concepts of the course in perspective and to relate how interaction with others will impact his future career. “It allows us to understand our patients better. I lead with blue; I need details, and it allows me [the ability to] work with people who lead with different colors by asking the right questions and to get what I need to do my job better.”



Communication Styles

So, first quarter students get ready for a class that will change your perspective of yourself and how you communicate with other people. Get excited to learn how to make yourself a better communicator and how to better understand why someone is talking to you in the way he or she does.