Here a Book, There a Book, Everywhere a Book, Updated

Even though it is summer break for students, your Globe La Crosse library continues to add many new books in preparation for another sensational quarter. Books are being added of all shapes and sizes and for every program area.  For example, vet techs can now find out how to assess their cat’s teeth or breed their horse. Accounting students can learn how to read a balance sheet, while business students can learn how to be a better boss and discover their top five talents. Medical assisting and massage students can learn more about complementary therapies and even self-hypnosis.

Perhaps you are looking for a good summer read on how to eat healthier. The library has new books with such titles as Reclaiming our food: How the grassroots food movement is changing the way we eat and Fear of Food: A history of why we worry about what we eat. If you are a fashion aficionado, discover why by reading, You are what you wear: What your clothes reveal about you.

Maybe your tastes lie more in politics and controversial topics, well, the library has
added two new books on the recent Wisconsin labor protests, as well as books on our society’s problems with trash, bullying and highway congestion. Rock n roll? Art? The library has added books on these subjects too.

So, like Motel 6, the library is leaving the light on, for you, the Globe La Crosse student.