Here a Book, There a Book, Everywhere a Book

Barnes and

Barnes and

Your Globe-La Crosse library is chock full of new books. In the last month, 155 new titles have been added to the library shelves. What could be more exciting for a librarian and for you, the reader and dedicated Globe student? There are new books on organ donation, fast food, child birth, organic farming, medicinal herbs, and pain management.

AND of course, there is lots of new fiction to read just for fun. Maybe you’ve been on the waiting list at your local public library to read the smash hit, The Hunger Games. Well, wait no longer, the Globe-La Crosse library now has The Hunger Games Trilogy available!

So come in and check it out. There really is a little something for everyone!

A sample of exciting new titles by program include:

For the Business majors – I’ll have what she’s having:Mapping social behavior

For Criminal Justice – From crime scene to courtroom: Examining the mysteries behind famous cases

For Medical Assistants –I wish I were engulfed in flamesMy insane life raising two boys with autism

For Veterinary Technicians – Fifty animals that changed the course of history

For Information Technology – Upgrading and repairing PCs

For Accountants –Guide to forensic accounting investigation

For Massage Therapists – Sports Injuries Sourcebook

For Paralegals – Family Law: Examples and Explanations

For Healthcare managers – How we do harm: A doctor breaks ranks about being sick in America