Honoring Those Who Serve: Globe-La Crosse Appreciates Veterans

Yellow ribbons are a symbol for supporting and honoring military men and women who are currently serving for us, especially overseas, and veterans of service. Since the early 1980s the symbol’s origin has been in question.  Many people want to draw its origins back to the Civil War, but no definitive facts can do that. If it were legitimately drawn back to that historical point, many would be excited to call it a true American tradition, but some attest that the last scene of Shakespeare’s Othello references the same idea, which places it prior to Civil War American times. Nonetheless, wherever the symbol originated, it is still an outward way to show our support for our troops.

military appreciation

Globe University-La Crosse students and staff showing support of our military.

This historical perspective is well documented on many authoritative websites. Globe University-La Crosse Dean of Students, Aimee Miritello, and I, in planning a Military Student Appreciation event, were musing over the first time we saw the yellow ribbons and believed they were a new idea. To our elementary school minds, why would we have needed yellow ribbons prior to Desert Storm? We have since learned that our perspective was shortsighted and naive.

The final week of February, Student Services honored veterans by giving them a red, white and blue ribbon to proudly attach to their shirt or backpack, allowing other students to thank them for their services to the United States. In addition, students, faculty and staff are invited to wear yellow ribbons to show support of current deployed military as well as a thank you to all current, past, and future military. Also during that time, the campus was encouraged to sign an oversized thank-you card expressing gratitude for all those who served.

As Globe University is a military friendly schools, we like to remind our population that there are many soldiers or former soldiers among us, and they deserve to be recognized.

Ree Nae Roberge-Greene, Globe University-La Crosse

This post was written by Ree Nae Roberge-Greene. Ree Nae is the Student Services and Online Learning Coordinator at Globe University-La Crosse. She has been employed in at Globe University since January 2011. She moved into the role of Student Services Coordinator in August of 2011 and loves it! Ree Nae Roberge-Greene blogs for Globe-La Crosse, and she is enjoying the challenge of finding a new and exciting topic to write about each week.