How Do We Show That We Care?

Vet Tech Students at the Humane Society

Vet Tech Students at the Humane Society

A mission statement is a written form of telling the world the purpose and goal of an organization or business.  At Globe Education Network (GEN), ours is: We Care. We care about our students, we care about the employers who will eventually hire our students, and we care about the faculty and staff that works here.  In a “who cares” world, saying that we care and showing it really matters.

There are several ways that Globe Education Network (GEN) shows that it cares about its students. One way is by providing within network scholarships. One of the really neat scholarships that is provided to students is the Matching Scholarship (more information can be found on page 21 of the current catalog). If a student earns/ wins a scholarship from an outside entity (not from GEN) Globe matches the amount up to $1,000 dollars. This is an amazing opportunity for students to double the amount of scholarship they have earned!

At Globe-La Crosse, we have “We Care” alerts where faculty inform the education team of students who are struggling.  By doing this, administration is more easily able to identify students who may need additional assistance and support and let them know it is available to them and how.

We care about the employers who hire our student in several ways. One of the ways that we ensure we are doing our best is by including employers in our Program Advisory Committees (PACs).  According to Carolyn Moe, Director of Career Services, “We always want to seek the community’s feedback and involvement in making our programs better.” The goal of the PACs is to meet a minimum of once per year to connect on how our graduates are doing in the workforce, to give us advice on our curriculum, and to give us feedback on the community events that students have been participating in. With the help of PACs we are able to show how much we care about the employers who may potentially hire our students. In addition to this after each graduate secures employment, a survey is sent asking about the performance and training that the graduate had based on the
training we provided as part of that student’s degree. This information is also used to better the student and employer experience in the future.

Finally GEN cares about the faculty and staff that they employ. Each faculty and staff member is asked to grow professionally while working within the corporation. During the course of the year, four in-service opportunities are presented to faculty as well as the opportunity to participate in different types of trainings in person, via Elluminate, and online. Furthermore, faculty is encouraged to experience what it is like to be a Globe
student, by taking classes online or residential free of charge to the faculty or staff member.

There are many more ways that GEN shows that its We Care mission is more than just words, but I think by this point one can see how each and every aspect of our organization attempt and succeeds to care, and care A LOT.