How to Write an A Paper: A Fisherman’s Advice

With writing and fishing talents, Michael Perzel, a Globe University-La Crosse business administration degree student, recently won the Library Research Award. Perzel isn’t ready to share his fishing secrets, but here are 5 tips he uses to write a winning paper. Use them to reel in an A paper of your own!

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Michael Perzel with his giant catch, an 87-pound black grouper!

1. Get Excited

Do you have more fun fishing if you enjoy it? Of course! Do this with writing as well. Write about topics that you’re interested in. “You will find that your passion toward the subject matter will show through in your writing,” Perzel explains.  “Additionally, you will be more likely to devote an adequate amount of research time and effort to a subject that you would like to know more about.”

2. Use the Right Equipment

“Use all your available resources,” Perzel shared. Don’t use a rifle to reel in a crappie! For his winning essay, Perzel used the resources available through the Globe University library. Public and school libraries are perfect places to find reliable information and helpful librarians to provide advice. Be wary of websites; they don’t always provide honest information. Good signs that you’re on a trusted source is if the website’s URL ends with a .edu or .gov. These websites usually belong to reputable education or government sources. However, use scrutiny to be certain you’re using a reputable website.

3. Take Your Time

When you cast your line, do you catch a whopper on the first try? Not usually!  It’s the same process with writing; you must be patient and take your time. “Give yourself plenty of time,” Perzel explained. “If you know that you will have a research paper due at the end of the quarter, start your outline and research right away.”

4. Check Your Lines

If you cast your line and don’t check it, a walleye might steal your bait! Frequently check over your writing like you check your fishing lines. “It is very important to have your paper proofread by objective outside sources,” Perzel said.  “My personal favorite is the ‘Smarthinking’ service Globe offers.  They have a very fast turn-around, and have always given me good advice.”

5. Remember Your Favorite Fishing Hole

If you have a lucky fishing spot, you remember and return to catch more keepers. When you use sources for your writing, make sure to document them as well. “Use scholarly, relevant, and compelling sources for your references,” Perzel explained. “Give them proper credit by citing them correctly.”

Although he didn’t share his fishing secrets, Michael knows a thing or two about writing! Reel in the big A with your next paper with his advice!

To read Michael’s winning paper, Equality in the United States Military, visit the Globe University-La Crosse Library website.