Instructor Spotlight: Get to Know Kari Laumb

Want to know more about one of your veterinary technology instructors? Here’s your chance!

Kari at Globe University La Crosse

Kari at Globe University La Crosse

Kari Laumb has been a veterinary technology instructor at Globe University La Crosse since 2011. In addition to her role as an instructor at Globe, she also helps out with SCNAVTA and takes massage therapy classes at Globe.

“I wanted to take massage therapy classes because I enjoy giving massages and making people feel better,” says Kari. In the past she has also worked as a tutor, as a GOAL (Graduate On time At La Crosse) advisor, and in the library at Globe.

Kari’s favorite part about working at Globe is seeing students graduate. Kari explains, “I love graduation and seeing students reach their goals.”

Kari’s advice to students to help them get to graduation is to understand the importance of time management and to make sure they have free time. Kari suggests, “Keep a calendar so you know when everything is scheduled/due, including time to do housework and relax!”

When she’s not at Globe, Kari enjoys performing in productions through the Appleseed Community Theatre. Recently, Kari played Clelia Waldgrave in the play “The Nerd” by Larry Shue. Kari notes about performing in theater productions, “it gives me a chance to meet new people and do something different for a while.”

Kari also enjoys participating in the Coulee Region Humane Society’s Pet Therapy Program with her cat, Grover. Kari explains her interest in the program, “I teach my students about the benefits of pet therapy in VT 106 and was excited for the opportunity to see it first-hand myself when I heard that CRHS was looking for cats to join their pet therapy program. Grover is an ideal candidate as a pet therapy animal, as he loves attention from anyone and doesn’t get easily scared of new situations. We have done visits at ClareBridge (a memory care nursing home) and at the Erickson Boys and Girls Club for ‘Read to Rover.’”

Inspired by her love of music, Kari also works part-time as a DJ. Kari works for 95.7 The Rock, and is on-air every other Saturday morning from midnight to 6 a.m.

By: Kim Wroblewski