Is Help Anywhere to Find in Your Community?

Coming together with a passion to provide help to community members, and to find volunteer help, 14 La Crosse area organizations came to Globe University-La Crosse for the annual La Crosse Community Resource Fair.

Help is Out There

medical assistant program, community resources

Globe University Registrar Katie Heron searches for help in her community.

“The Resource Fair was a great bounty of useful information,” said Trulee Silver, a health care management student at the university. “The presenters were extremely inviting with information and guidance.”

Students and community members milled amongst the booths and gained information and volunteering opportunities from agencies that provide aid in escaping abuse or addiction; acquiring a variety of things including meals, clothing, or healthcare at no cost; and accessing transportation maintenance, low-income housing, or reduced priced necessities.

“It was nice to see many of the local businesses and hear about their programs and resources that help the community,” shared Beth Peterson, medical assistant program student.

Revealing the Unknown

Many students, faculty and staff did not know that many of these organizations where out there to help people in times of need. “I think it’s a good idea to bring these different organizations in,” shared Dawn Brown, Globe University massage school student. “Some of them I wasn’t even aware of.”

Making people aware that their services are available is a big step to helping the community. Now that our students have made contact with the different organizations that provide help in different types of crisis, some of them will have a better idea of whom to turn to when they or someone they know is in a bad situation.

“I really enjoyed the Resource Fair because of the diverse groups that participated,” said Erica Oneal, medical assistant program student. “It allowed me the opportunity to meet different groups here in town that I had no clue about and interested me.”

Those Who Provide Help, Need Help

medical assistant degree, community resources

Will Katie be able to find help? It's so close, just under her nose!

Another great perk for students and the community alike was being able to see all of the different options for volunteering within the community. According to Lisa Paulson, career services coordinator, one major mistake that students make in the job search is not beginning soon enough, which may include volunteering in the field related to one’s course of study.

“I found that they were giving out very good information about many different areas of interest,” explained Venessa Layne, health care management student. “I personally liked the ones that focused on the elderly care and bettering their lives as best as they can through different programs they offer to them.”

A big thank you to the following organizations that participated in the fair:

  • All Out Repair Ladies Car Clinic
  • Birthright
  • Catholic Charities of La Crosse
  • Consumer Credit Counseling
  • Couleecap
  • La Crosse Housing Authority
  • LGBT Resource Center
  • New Horizons
  • Options Clinic
  • Parenting Connection
  • United Way
  • Western Region for Economic Assistance
  • Women’s Clothes Closet
  • YWCA

This post was written by Ree Nae Roberge-Greene. Ree Nae is the Student Services and Online Learning Coordinator at Globe University-La Crosse. She has been employed at Globe University since January 2011. She moved into the role of Student Services Coordinator in August of 2011 and loves it! Ree Nae Roberge-Greene blogs for Globe-La Crosse, and she is enjoying the challenge of finding a new and exciting topic to write about each week.