Is Smarthinking Really that Smart?



The majority of Globe University students are not just attending college, but juggling one or two jobs and family all at the same time.  Often, I hear students say, “I just don’t have time to come to campus and get extra help.”. . . My response, “Try Smarthinking.”

Smarthinking is an online tutoring service that is provided through Blackboard that all of our students have access to with some simple mouse clicks.  They can get help in many areas, such as math, reading, biology, writing, Spanish, IT support, and program-specific assistance like Accounting to name a few.

To access Smarthinking, choose any course you are enrolled in in your Blackboard shell, then select “Tools” in the left sidebar, and finally, scroll down and click on “Smarthinking Login” in the right hand column.

Students can chat live with instructors, schedule an online chat session for a later date, submit a question, or, my favorite, upload their writing (essays, cover letters, resumes, etc.) to receive feedback no more than 24 hours later.

So, if you don’t have time to hit up the tutoring center on campus, check out the online tutoring program Smarthinking because yes, it is really that smart.