It’s all about Visual Appeal

Globe-La Crosse Faculty Learn how to Add Style to their PowerPoints

Brady Lowe Lecturing on How to Create Effective PowerPoints

Brady Lowe Lecturing on How to Create Effective PowerPoints

More and more information is moving from the standard essay and book to fliers, brochures, blogs, and of course PowerPoints. But, does exceptional writing still play an important role? Of course it does. However, words can’t do all the work in these forms. Language needs its counterpart: design. Writing and Images go hand-in-hand.

Brady Lowe, member of the Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) Committee and Communications and Community Relations Specialist, at Globe University-La Crosse agrees. “Design impacts the content of your presentation,” said Lowe, who conducted a 30 minute presentation as part of the WAC plan to educate faculty members on how to create appealing PowerPoints.

“The addition of a visual aspect to a lecture or discussion can enhance classroom content, increase an audience’s interest in the material, and positively impact the retention of the presented information. In order to do this, the design of a presentation, in this case, a PowerPoint, must not only be appealing, but it must connect with and compliment the content of your lecture,” said Lowe.

PowerPoint Tips:

  • Use color to add emphasis to important text for terms, but not too much where the emphasis becomes lost.
  • Never use more than 24 words on a slide; you want to keep it short and sweet—even 10 is plenty at times.
  • Experiment with animations to add movement.  They give your presentation some life.

Students learn from example. Globe-La Crosse faculty members are making sure they are setting one with some style.