Jeanne Clery: Her Death, Her Legacy

With great tragedy comes better security, reporting of crimes, and protection for those who follow. This is the legacy of Jeanne Clery who was raped and murdered in her dorm room in 1986.

Jeanne was a nineteen year old college student who awoke to a man attempting to rob her. He raped and strangled her before fleeing. Although some would say justice was done in his sentencing—the death penalty—many others would come to benefit from the parents settling out of court for  an undisclosed amount which was then used to advocate for better security on college campuses. This became reality in 1988 when Pennsylvania enacted the first law that required college campuses to publish crime rates on campus from the three previous years. Soon more followed, including the Federal Campus Security Act in 1991. This law later became known as the Jeanne Clery Act. This law amended a previous law indicating a more detailed disclosure of the types of crimes and a timely notice of the crimes to students and staff of the University.

In honor of Jeanne Cleary, this month Globe University-La Crosse will be doing a series of events highlighting domestic violence, sexual assault, and drug/alcohol dependency.

  • April 11th—Sexual Assault Awareness Event
  • April 18th—Domestic Violence Awareness Event
  • April 25th—Drug & Alcohol Addiction Awareness Event

Jeanne would be 45 this year, but in her death, her family has been able to save the lives of many others. Celebrate the lives that have been saved and the ones yet to be saved by joining students, faculty, and staff in these events throughout April. Each event is meant to bring awareness and to help students recognize the signs of sexual assault, domestic violence, and drug and alcohol addiction in order to save the life of the next potential “Jeanne Clery.”


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