Massage Student Sings Praises: University Support Matters

Rebecca Felten is a terrific example of a Globe University-La Crosse student. She knew she wanted a career in massage, but wasn’t given the opportunity to succeed until she came to Globe. Through dedication and hard work, not only did Rebecca complete her degree, she was offered a massage therapy position before she graduated! This is her Globe University story.

As soon as Rebecca stepped on campus, she immediately felt Globe would be the right place for her.

massage therapy school

Rebecca Felten volunteering at the Toys-for-Tots Massage Drive.

“I was impressed by the friendly and quickly-helpful gal at the front desk, Faith,” Rebecca said. “She had a genuine smile and seemed really happy to be here at Globe. All the staff that I met came across as very professional, friendly, and committed to their work … It seemed professional yet warm.”

As Rebecca continued to learn more about Globe University, she was surprised to find out that the massage program had no waiting list and it was possible for her to start right away. This was the massage therapy school she was looking for! Globe staff worked with her to tailor an education experience for her needs.

Rebecca said, “I thought, these people are really on the ball. I’d like to be a part of this experience! It was such a positive experience for me and everything seemed to just fall into place – the appointments, the financial aid, availability of outside loans, class schedules, childcare, family support. Globe was definitely the right experience for me and I’m so happy that I had the opportunity!”

After the initial support she received while enrolling in the massage program, Rebecca continued to be impressed with Globe faculty and the individualized learning environment the university provides.

“I would like to say that one of my favorite things about Globe is the quality of education that I [received] here,” Rebecca said. “I am so impressed with the staff and the instructors! They are immersed in their field, bringing so much life experience to the classroom.”

Rebecca felt like a valued student and that her needs, and the needs of her classmates, were quickly addressed and respected.

“I have been treated with dignity and respect,” she said. “All the staff here seem to be genuinely concerned with my Globe experience, wanting to make sure that I am getting the education that I am paying for. I have seen problems quickly addressed and solved. I have seen positive responses to student suggestions. I have seen class times changed to accommodate students and their availability. I have not seen that kind of service at any of the other schools I have been to. (I have been to a nursing school, a state university, and two technical colleges.)”

massage therapy school

Rebecca providing massages at Globe's annual Massage-a-thon for Zcare.

Globe’s supportive environment made a strong impact on Rebecca’s success. Paired with challenging and fair instructors, Globe is a university for academic growth and career preparation.

“Everyone here seems so willing to help us students succeed – but they also demand work on our part,” Rebecca explained. “They demand that we are ready and willing to participate in our own success story and they will be there to help us along the way. The homework has been difficult but I have learned so much about my chosen profession, and so much about myself and my community.”

Rebecca has excelled in building relationships with the community and building her skills and confidence. She has led fundraising efforts, appeared in television and radio interviews for the community services she’s been involved with, and enjoyed service learning projects where’s she’s applied classroom learning outside of Globe.

“For the first time in my life, I feel very confident about my future,” she said. “I feel confident in the skills and training that I have received at Globe University. I am confident that I will be a competitive therapist in the professional workforce. I am confident that I will succeed.”

Globe staff and faculty are confident Rebecca will be successful. After excelling in her externship experience with Thrive Chiropractic in Cashton, Wis., Rebecca was offered a massage therapy position with the organization.

“I look forward to continuing my relationship with Globe University and the excellent staff I have met here,” said Rebecca. “I want to give back to people from whom I feel I have gained so much more than the classroom or course material could ever provide.”