New Quarter Resolutions provided by your Globe library



The early fall quarter is almost here, so how about making a few “new quarter resolutions?”  Your Globe library can help with books on study tips. One of your librarian’s favorites is called Test Success: Test Taking and study strategies for all students.

Did you know that most students procrastinate? (I bet you never would have guessed that!) By the time you get done with your job, classes and family activities, most students are too tired to spend quality time studying. So here is author Blythe Grossberg’s tips for making the most of those precious moments when you are energized and alert:

1. “Break down your studying into small, manageable bits (p. 10).”  It will be much less painful if you break studying down into shorter periods of times rather than one marathon session. Cramming the night before an exam is rarely effective. Begin studying on Monday for that test on Thursday.

2. “Use a planner to break down your studying time (p. 10).”  You can do this high- tech by using your cell phone or Google calendar, or more low-tech by using your free Globe University student handbook.

3. “Be flexible about scheduling your time using a nightly to-do list (p. 12).” Grossberg realizes that sometimes you will slip-up, so build extra study time into your schedule. Make a to-do list, number each item in order of importance, then transfer uncompleted items to the next day.

4. “Get energized to study (p. 13).” Go jogging, take a short nap, or listen to music for a few minutes, so your mind and body are refreshed and ready to concentrate.

5. “Reward yourself (p. 15).” This should be everyone’s favorite suggestion. After studying, take some time for yourself, to do whatever it is that revitalizes you for the busy day ahead. This could be video games, Facebook, television viewing or phone conversations with a favorite friend.

If you’d like to read more of Grossberg’s tips and tricks, come to the library to check his book out and remember that your librarian and the education team are here to support you in any way that we can.


Grossberg, B. (2009). Test success: Test-taking and study strategies for all students, including those with ADD and LD. Plantation, FL: Specialty Press.