RECYCLE YOUR READING: Our used books become new reads at the Globe – La Crosse Library Book Exchange!

Book exchange

Book exchange

Has burning the midnight oil got you seeing cross-eyed? Are you craving some fun and relaxation? Well, then, come to the Globe-La Crosse library for the perfect book for some rainy day reading. Did you know that your library has had a free book exchange since spring 2011?

The rules are simple, because there are none! Simply come to the library and pick out a book or magazine from the specially marked bookshelves in the southeast corner of the library. When you finish reading the book, you can return it to the bookshelf or if it is a favorite, just keep it. No check out is required and no questions are asked. No fines or overdue notices ever!

To keep the shelves stocked, the library does accept donations. What kinds of books are popular? If you like to read it, than probably another student or staff member would as well. Fiction is the most popular, especially mysteries, science fiction and romance novels.

So the next time you need to escape to a Caribbean beach, solve the “unsolvable” murder, or fall in love with a vampire, find the perfect book to take you there at your Globe – La Crosse library!