Send a Letter. Send a Smile.

National Letter Writing Month at Globe University-La Crosse

Forever Stamp

Forever Stamp

April is national letter writing month, and at Globe University-La Crosse Campus, faculty, staff, and students are being encouraged to write letters to active duty military. The event was organized through the Writing Across the Curriculum committee, and the committee will be sending the letters to A Million Thanks organization, which collects letters and cards to be sent to military the troops during national days of remembrance times, like Memorial Day or the Fourth of July and for any other time, so someone can have a pick-me-up on a bad day!

Letter writing is a dying art, but maybe it shouldn’t be. Emails are nice, but there is a different kind of warm, fuzzy feeling that overcomes a person, when he or she receives “snail mail.” I received a letter just the other day from a friend I haven’t spoken to in months. This thoughtful gesture, that he took time from his day to find the right card, to write a personal message, to get a stamp, and to drop it in a post box, turned everything around for me. At that moment, it didn’t matter than I had spilled Dr. Pepper in my keyboard, missed an important meeting, or fell down the stairs in front of a bunch of students at work because I got mail!

Thomas, a health care management major and an honorably discharged Navy veteran told me that letters and cards from home were the bright point in any day during his deployment. He and his fellow servicepersons would impatiently wait for mail. Each letter and card helped him through his day and week.

While reading “thank you” cards on, I found that many of the men and women overseas are grateful to know that people at home are supporting them. One letter said, “Your support and patriotism has helped strengthen the resolve of our Marines. It’s people like you that keep the Marines motivated and proud to serve our country” (Cullins, para. 1). Another proudly boasted, “…I personally distributed some of your letters to several wounded National Guard veterans at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Your efforts made a different in people’s lives…”(Schultz, para. 2).

Although some may find writing a letter tedious and demanding because of the many steps to getting it into the mail and to the addressee, many people—here at home, and more importantly overseas—find the effort to be the highlight of the day. To join in the letter writing campaign, bring your letters to the Globe University front desk and ask they be included in our mailing to A Million Thanks. If you are outside of the Coulee Region, go to to learn where to send your cards and letters. The men and women away from home will find it a great comfort to hear from you!


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