Seth Rogen Teaches High School Students…Sort Of

It is 8:48 in the morning and the bell just rang for 2nd hour to begin.  I wait for the high school students to get in their seats, get settled, and quiet down.  I clear my throat and start to introduce myself to the class, and a student’s hand immediately goes up. I already know what he’s going to ask before he even has a chance to ask it. I’ve gotten this question quite a few times before:

Globe University-La Crosse

Tony Beyer and Seth Rogen. Can you tell who is who?

“Anybody ever tell you that you look like Seth Rogen?”

It happens almost daily when I’m out in high school classrooms across Southwestern Wisconsin, Southeastern Minnesota and into Iowa.  It also happens in public.

“Of all of the guests I have asked into my classroom, Tony is the speaker who, by a wide margin, most resembles actor and comedian Seth Rogen,” said Ryan Strunz, Bangor High School English teacher.  “Tony is a perennial favorite of students in my Career Communications class, and he is well remembered as that funny guy who gave us candy (and often as ‘that guy from Knocked Up’).”

I AM Seth Rogen…but I’m not Canadian

When I get asked that question, I run with it!  Sometimes I say I am Seth Rogen and would rather be here helping students than making millions in the movie business.  I sometimes pretend that I’ve never heard of him and see how the students react.  I may also say “Funny, I don’t think I look Canadian.”

Sweeter than Seth?

What are good ways to get students involved with a fun real world presentation experience? Humor and candy! “All the students comment on how Tony looks like Seth Rogen and he has the charming personality to match,” says Mandy Steele, Social Studies Teacher at Onalaska High School. “His presentations are fun and students love getting candy!”  

Cuter than Seth?

Not everyone thinks I look like Seth Rogen though. “Tony is always entertaining and educates and engages my students. Quite frankly though, he is much, much better looking than Seth Rogen,” says Julie Beyer, business and information technology teacher at Sparta High School. (Yes, she is my mother.)

Globe University-La Crosse

Tony Beyer as Smokey the Bear at the Living Green Expo.

Funnier than Seth?

“Tony presenting to my classroom is like having a circus at no cost. The entertainer can be a comedian, a clown, a ring master, and even a lion tamer for those that need redirection. Tony knows how to manage people and get ideas across,” shared Tina Gilberston, teacher at Black River Falls High School. “His humor is essential to the absorption of the information and he stays relevant to students” interests and technology. If there were a ring of fire to jump through to watch him present…students would do it.”

Movie Star Qualities

“Whenever I tell students that a guest speaker from Globe University will be visiting our class, the reply I always receive is, ‘Sweet, is that the guy that looks like Seth Rogen? He’s awesome!’ says Libby McCoy, English teacher, Gale-Ettrick-Trempealeau High School. “In addition to looking like a movie star, Tony has many great qualities that make him a hit in the classroom.  His funny and fast-paced presentations always keep the students engaged.  He is great at connecting with kids and making the information he presents meaningful to them.  He has visited my classes several times, and he always gives a humorous, informative, and relevant presentation!”

A Wide Repertoire

I absolutely love being in the classroom and sharing information that is important for students to succeed. I teach high school students a wide variety of topics:

  • Financial Independence
  • American Government
  • Understanding Taxes
  • Using Credit Responsibly
  • Teamwork
  • How Personality Relates to Different Careers
  • Communication Skills
  • Job Seeking

“Whoever thought that a Seth Rogen look-a-like would get students to question why they should or shouldn’t have a credit card?” shared Ross Freeman-Herdina, social studies teacher at Winona Senior High School.

Globe University-La Crosse

Tony Beyer with Amanda Mitton of the Globe Admissions Team.

Interaction and Engagement

“Tony’s presentations are very interactive with the students and he keeps students on their toes with his DJ-type personality and little one-liners he throws in here and there,” explains Alisa Oswald, business teacher at Cassville High School. Students love listening to the information he has to share in this manner—and yes, they all say he looks a lot like Seth Rogen!”

Invite a movie star (kind of) to your class!

The Real World Presentations I do are free and are a lot of fun for the students.  I teach many topics that are applicable and engaging for many different subjects.  They fit within a single class period and are awesome.  If you want to have “That guy who looks like Seth Rogen teach in your classroom” please contact me: I would be happy to discuss what Seth Rogen, or, what Tony Beyer can bring to your classroom.

“I would say [Tony]…[has] a way of getting students motivated to work by the way [he] entertain[s] them,” explains  Wanda Nettesheim, business teacher at Kee High School. “Yes, [he] looks like Seth Rogen and the students expect [him] to be funny. Good thing [he is]!”

This post was written by Tony Beyer.  Tony is the High School Coordinator at Globe University-La Crosse.  He has been with the university for more than four years and it is his passion to help high school students help themselves by making great decisions so they can enjoy future success.  Before working for Globe University, Tony worked as a television news reporter and a radio deejay in La Crosse, skills that serve him well in his presentations to local high school students.  When not in the classroom, Tony enjoys: being outdoors, listening to music, playing and watching sports, as well as officiating youth hockey in the La Crosse area.