Spotlight on Health Care Professionals Club at Globe University-La Crosse

Health Care Professionals Club at Globe-La Crosse

HCPC Club Members

HCPC members and staff volunteer at Children's Museum last month.

The types of organizations for students vary among GEN campuses, but one that seems common to all of the campuses is some sort of club focused on healthcare. The club has different names and purposes, but overall, it is an organization where people who dream of finding their careers within the healthcare profession come together. At La Crosse, the club is called Health Care Professional Club, HCPC.

Of all of the student organizations that exist and have come and gone at Globe-La Crosse, in this humble writer’s opinion, HCPC is the most charitable. Their major intent is to raise money and awareness about issues of concern within the community. According to club treasurer, Denae Larrabee, “Health Care Professionals Club is a unique opportunity for medical students to interact with fellow students and the community. HCPC is a wonderful resource used to help encourage medical students [to] continue in their career. HCPC is also a vital resource in our community outreach, and [sic] is proud to help those in need. We will continue to spread our name to the community through HCPC.” In the past few quarters, they have donated money to the Onalaska Firefighters, New Horizons, Gunderson-Lutheran’s Steppin’ Out in Pink, Gertrude Salzer Gordon Children’s Museum of La Crosse, and the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Greater La Crosse Area.

The mission of the club is:

“This club encompasses all medical health care areas
of this campus that brings a diverse knowledge of the health care field. Our
mission is to actively participate in fundraising events, and to promote
awareness of the needs of others in our community.

“We hold the universal belief that we are capable of meeting the community’s needs as well as our member’s needs and exceeding their expectations.
“We take pride in our achievements and celebrate our successes. Our shared values are our guiding principles.”

Since getting started in 2010, many of the founding members have since graduated, but the club is staying true to its mission. Ree Nae Roberge-Greene, Student Services Coordinator and advisor to all campus clubs stated, “This group has a focus that is a credit to the women and men who make it up. They are the type of people I would want drawing my blood or that of my daughter’s at the clinic because they show devotion and caring for all people.”