Staff Spotlight: Globe University-La Crosse’s Dean of Education June Vatland

How do you juggle a career and a family? Our staff spotlight this month is on a person who makes it look very easy—June Vatland, Globe University-La Crosse’s dean of education. June is one of our busiest staff members here on campus. She is always there for our students as well as all of the staff and faculty she works with.

“I enjoy working in different facets of education and business. In my off time, I enjoy running, taking classes, and spending time with my family and friends,” June said. June is married with one little boy, Jax.

globe university-la crosse

June Vatland, dean of education at Globe University-La Crosse

June chose to pursue education as a career because she strongly believes in it. She believes education is the gateway to getting everything we want out of life, learning more about the world and ensuring an outstanding future. At Globe University, there are so many options to chose from to get a career started.

Holding a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Bellevue University (Nebraska), June has almost 20 years of business experience with a mixture of small business to corporate level business. She has held titles such as general manager, project manager and product manager.

I asked June specifically about her son, Jax, and how she maintains a work-life balance.

“On August 26, 2011, I peered into the eyes of a newborn child who would completely change my life. It was a moment I will never forget. Prior to this, my life really revolved around myself and my husband. We both worked many hours and in our free time, we did just what we wanted to do. In all honesty, we never knew for sure if children would be part of our lives. Now after having Jax, I would not have life any other way.

Granted there are moments of complete insanity, when maybe he is not behaving the way I would like. He may not be feeling well, and I have work issues to address that must be put on hold. Even through all of this, there has never been a time when I would go back to the ways things were before having him in my life. I have learned that by planning ahead with babysitters and family, I am able to achieve a great work-life balance. I rely upon my calendar and to-do lists to keep me organized. I also wake up early most mornings and exercise. This seems to keep me calm and energized.

With Valentine’s Day approaching, I do reflect and appreciate the two most important men in my life. Even though I am fortunate to have a job I love coming to each and every day, going home to these guys and laughing at their silly antics, is another part of my day I look forward to. Without them, I would not have the compassion or motivation to do what I do.”

June admires her parents the most. They always stressed the importance of an education and worked very hard for her to attain an education. We are certainly glad they did! June is one extraordinary dean, and we are proud and lucky to have this “mom” on campus every day. She always goes above and beyond, and she sets a true example of our “We Care” motto. Thanks June!