The Best and Worst Valentine’s Day Gifts

Some people receive diamonds or chocolate in heart shaped boxes, while others receive bowling balls like Marge Simpson did from her husband, Homer, but one thing is for sure, most Valentine’s Day gifts are given with the best of intentions.  Check out these memorable gifts from members of our staff and students at Globe University-La Crosse.

A Special Family Dinner: Best Gift!
Faith Bergin, Administrative Assistant

We would dress up for Valentine’s Dinner, and my mom would have the dining room decorated and a special dinner made. My dad would have flowers and a big valentine filled with chocolates for my mom and have smaller Valentine boxes filled with old-fashion Valentine candy for us! My brothers and sisters and I would sit and read our Valentine candy and sometimes trade the ones we didn’t want. It was always a fun evening. We ignored our homework. (This happened often, but Valentine’s Day provided a reason.)

Homemade Cards: Best Gift!
Dana Wallace, Campus Librarian

My best Valentine’s Day gifts were all the special cards my sweet daughter made for me when she was in elementary school.  I still have them, and she is 30 now!

Sentimental Presents: Best Gift!
Wynn Jonsgaard, Business Administration Student

The best was last year I woke up and saw two huge stuffed bears on our table with the “Beauty and the Beast” movie and a card that I have kept since last year.  It describes the love between us.  Last year will always be in my memories.

Globe University, Valentine's Day

Rachel Krueger with her husband and daughter. Maybe a lolly pop was a great gift idea!

A Lolly Pop: Worst Gift?! Maybe not…
Krueger, Associate Director of Admissions

Just like diamonds, Valentine’s Day can be a girl’s best friend, too. Unfortunately, my husband missed the memo our first Valentine’s Day together. Although we were 22 years old and poor college students back then, I expected flowers or maybe dinner? I could never forget what he actually bought for me that first Valentine’s Day.

While sitting in the passenger seat, parked outside Kwik Trip, my husband jumped into the driver seat after paying for gas and placed a big pink heart shaped lolly pop on my lap and said, “Valentine’s Day sucks.”  It took a moment for me to catch his humor. Yes, that was my present! I was so charmed; I decided to marry him five years later. His gifts have improved over the years into flowers and gift baskets, but it doesn’t take much to beat a heart shaped “Valentine’s sucks” lolly pop.

What was your best or worst Valentine’s Day gift?

This post was written by Jodie Liedke. Liedke, a true Wisconsinite, having labored four summers in a mozzarella factory, received her BA from Lakeland College and her Masters in Fine Arts from Wichita State University in Kansas.  Liedke is the General Education and Service-Learning Coordinator, a Creative Quill and Writing Across the Curriculum lead, and the advisor/instructor for GLUWW (Globe La Crosse Writers Write). When not writing creatively, Liedke enjoys watching films, exploring the outdoors, and biking.