Things That Are Scary: The Library?

The library: dark, dreary, and musty. Behind the desk is a bitter woman ready to hiss “shhhhh!” if you’re having too much fun. Wait a minute…that’s not true for the Globe University-La Crosse library! Books, fun, and more await students at the Globe library!

Globe University-La CrosseDana, the Not-So-Scary Librarian

The number one reason students use the library is for assistance finding material and printing, but once they come in and meet Dana, they begin to understand all of the resources available to them. “Helping students with whatever they need is the best part of my job,” shared Dana Wallace, campus librarian.

The students agree. “Dana is my favorite part of the library,” shared Scott Kruger, criminal justice degree student. “She’s very helpful!”

Writing, Research, and APA can be FRIGHTENING

“Not many students know that you can come to the library for help with writing,” shared Shanleigh Ritger, medical assistant school student. ”The library staff can help students searching for resources, or they can search on their own.” 

Students may think it’s difficult to research and find scholarly journals, but it just takes a little practice. “When students start, they’re scared, but they become ‘research pros’ when they leave,” shared Wallace. “I’m here to help them.” Globe students have access to multiple premiere databases that many much larger colleges also subscribe too. “We provide great online resources for every discipline,” explained Wallace.

In addition to helping find resources, Dana can assist students with APA citation. “She helps read over papers and suggests edits,” explained Kruger. “[She] can help with APA citation and resources for papers and class projects.”


Globe University-La CrosseNot-So-Scary Library Surprises

“Students would be surprised to find all the newly released DVDs to borrow,” explained Wallace. “There is also a large collection of books for leisure reading. The most popular being the fantasy fiction.”  Students also can request favorite titles to add to the library collection. “I frequently request new titles for the library and many times I can purchase books to fill the students’ requests.”

Is that SCREAMING? No, it’s laughing!

Students enjoy the library because it’s a “fun environment,” explained Wallace. Students feel welcome and can frequently be heard sharing a laugh with Dana. Students play board games, relax, and distress between classes. Along with being a fun place, many students like Crystal Bundy, a medical assistant program student, use the library because they’re “able to be focused in a quiet, easy place to study.”

Lurking in the Shadows

Although they’re not hidden from sight, some students are not familiar with the large collection of magazines available in the library. Every program, from accounting to veterinary technology, can utilize the large collection of trade magazines the library subscribes to. The magazines are also available for iPad® users.

AHHHH, iPad!

With the innovation of iPads for students, the library will be a resource for students and faculty to learn how educational apps can assist in citation and writing resources. The library’s extensive magazine subscriptions will be accessible with the iPads, in addition to the many premier journal databases. Even more exciting, Globe University textbooks will become eBooks for all students and faculty to use on their iPads.

You Can’t Hide

If books or resources can’t be found in the Globe-La Crosse library, Dana can connect with other libraries in the large Globe network, in addition to libraries in the La Crosse and surrounding areas to help students. “[Dana] has great knowledge of our campus and how you can get other information as well,” explained Ritger.

Face Your Library Fears!

If you’re not using the library, “start using it!” exclaimed Kruger. He encourages others that may be struggling to “take advantage of the library. The help is there. Don’t be fearful and shy, Dana is one of the most upbeat and welcoming people I know.”

With good library usage, your grades will be less scary too! “My grades have thoroughly improved because [the faculty] are seeing me take time to research things outside of my textbooks,” said Ritger. The library gives her and other students supplemental resources beyond their textbooks, and more. Rather than just focus on their own program, the library provides resources to expand their knowledge. “It’s helped me grow as a person to not be into just one thing, I have more than just one option to learn,” she added.