Twas the Night Before Finals: Happy Holidays from Globe University!

Enjoy this creative retelling of the classic Christmas Story with a new twist from Globe University-La Crosse Student Services Coordinator/Online Learning Coordinator Ree Nae Roberge Greene.

‘Twas the Night Before Finals

Santa (Bob Pitel, Math Instructor) with Carolyn Moe, Director of Career Services, Stephanie Cline, Campus Director, and Katie Heron, Registrar

‘Twas the night before finals, when all through Globe-La Crosse
All the students were frantic, and even a bit cross.
The scrubs were freshly pressed; all comps had been passed,
But the fear of the big tests loomed leaving each student aghast.

The vet techs were sprawled out recovering from surgery,
While nearby the paralegal students tested one another on perjury.
And Amy Stinson and Dr. Haas had just begun visiting
the last vet clinics of the externships administering.

From down in the commons Ms. Wallace heard a yelp
It sounded as if someone needed help!
She ran to the rescue, carrying a book
That she dropped when leaned over to take a closer look.

The APA Manual fell down with a plop
Causing Clinton, the IT chair to stop
He’d needed that manual to prop up the projector
To set up a show for the Campus Director.

The newest technology, so easy and slick,
He knew Stephanie’d want to approve it real quick!
And David, the DOFA, was heard near-by quoting
The newest FAFSA data for each student to be noting.

“Hey Angie! And Angie, and Steve,” he yelled,
“Come on team we must be compelled
To get all of the students the financial aid they’ll need
Before the next quarter! Before their last test, indeed!”

As efficient as an assembly line each admissions person called
To enroll all the students who have been enthralled
By an ad on the radio where they hear Dawn B.’s voice
Christina and Rachel commended their choice!

Santa with Joan McDonah, Vet Tech Instructor, and Aimee Stinson, Vet Tech Program Chair.

And then, they were forwarded to Faith at the front desk
To make an appointment for the Accuplacer test.
When they finish the exam, Kayla marks down their score
And sets them up for appointments galore.

Each new student needs to have an appointment with Education
To ensure they will be in the best classes for their vocation.
Completed by Katie and Aimee and Ree Nae
Sean and June are ensuring each instructor can stay.
Then off to Career Services to learn a bit more
About the future jobs they will be applying for.
Each one comes out with a smile on his face
For Carolyn, Crystal, and Lisa have him amazed.

The student leaves with a smile and new student handbook
Filled with rules and policies, he promised to take a look.
He will be back for new student orientation
And before he knows it, it’ll be time for graduation!

The Healthcare Professionals Club is toting
Fliers for no scrub week’s promoting.
They raise money for charity by dressing in jeans
The one week where they are not reviewing vaccines.

The commons is full of holiday tress for collecting
And giving to those who are unsuspecting
Of the turmoil their parents are going through this season
To provide for their families—by golly, what a reason!

Happy Holidays from Globe University-La Crosse!

This post was written by Ree Nae Roberege-Greene. Ree Nae is the Student Services Coordinator at Globe University-La Crosse. She has been employed with Globe University since January 2011. She moved into the role of Student Services Coordinator in August 2011 and loves it! Ree Nae is a guest blogger for Globe-La Crosse, and she is enjoying the challenge of finding a new and exciting topic to write about each week.