Vet Tech Student’s Photography on Display

This month’s Globe University-La Crosse Artist in the Library is Mollee Whyte, veterinary technician student and library student worker extraordinaire. Her photography collection revolves around one subject who happens to be the cutest, most adorable little kitten on earth.

His name is Martin and every photograph features a escapade or pose. On the level of cuteness, Martin’s photos are off the scale!

Mollee was exposed to the great work that rescue organizations in our community do by being involved in spay and neuter day, hosted by the veterinary technology program on campus. This event allows various rescue organizations to bring their animals in for a free spay or neutering.

After taking part in spay and neuter day, Mollee was on a quest to adopt a rescue pet and in the process she fell in love with Martin.

Globe University La Crosse library

Mollee and Martin

Mollee and Martin’s story is all too familiar. Everyone seems to go to the humane society ‘just to look,’ but often end up bringing a pet home. Mollee’s took a trip to the local Coulee Region Humane Society.

“Woodrow, my boyfriend, and I were bumming around trying to figure out something to do to. I suggested that we go to Coulee Region Humane Society just to look at all the cute kittens and puppies,” Mollee said.

Martin was one of the first kittens they saw. “He was standing in the back of the kennel,” Mollee states. “When we stopped and looked at him, he ran right up to the front of his kennel to greet us, hoping we would play with him.”

Mollee kept asking Woodrow to look at other cats, but Woodrow couldn’t take his eyes off of that cute orange kitten.   Once Mollee held Martin in her arms, she “just fell in love with him” and knew she wanted him as her own.

Martin has since grown to be the cuddliest kitten Mollee has ever met, and she has seen many kittens as a vet tech student. Martin’s favorite things to do are “lounging in the window, catching some rays, climbing up the back of the computer chair and perching on the head rest, watching the fish and playing in the bathroom sink.”

Please stop by the Globe University-La Crosse library this month to check out Mollee’s collection.