What are instructors most thankful for?

Globe University Instructors Share What They’re Most Thankful for in the Classroom

Image provided by Finer Things

Image provided by Finer Things

Clinton Kanieski, Information Technology Program Chair

“I’m thankful for the students.  The decision to embark on the journey through college is a difficult and often daunting one.  Several students, upon entering their first class, question if the decision was the correct one.  As is often the case, many students debate if the complete effort, work, money, time, and family sacrifice involved are worth the degree which is sought.  For the students who bridge this cavernous divide, the journey is filled with panic, joy, laughter, studying, achievement, and tears of fulfillment.  To be thankful for the effort and devotion of the student and their families is to pay tribute to the student’s choice and realization of a dream.”

 Alyson Haugen, Health Care Management Instructor

“I am thankful for the insightful and creative ideas that students present in class discussion and through service-learning projects!”

Elayne Hass, Resident Veterinarian for Veterinary Technology

“I am thankful for the enthusiastic students we have in the Vet Tech Dep. It is such a blessing to have students that want to learn and are so eager to accomplish their goal. Most of all, I am thankful for the great staff we have in the program, starting with our caring program chair, Amy Stinson. She makes it enjoyable to come to work each day. I am also thankful for the support we get from the rest of the faculty at Globe. All of these things combined make Globe a great place to work.”

 Ree Nae Roberge-Greene, General Education Instructor

“I am thankful for students. It is always a joy to see a student who desires to learn, especially late in life. It reminds me that my learning is never done.”

 Brady Lowe, Business Instructor

“I’m thankful for the learning opportunities my students share with me. Every class I teach I share information with the students and receive information from them. Each student has his/her own experiences to contribute to class discussions. When students apply class topics to their past work, school, and professional experiences, it adds depth to the class and provides opportunities for students to learn from each other. This includes me; I’m always learning new things from my students!”

It comes to no surprise that the number one “thanks” are students, for Globe University has a “We Care” mission by “preparing career-focused, community-minded graduates for the global workforce.”

What are you thankful for as an educator?