Who is the job seeker’s best friend? Your library, of course!

Ferguson's Career Guidance Center

Ferguson's Career Guidance Center

Did you know that your Globe online library account remains active for up to one year after you graduate? Well, it does! AND all those excellent databases you’ve been using for researching your papers can also be used to search for your new job.

One of the best is Fergusons’ Career Guidance Center. It provides tips on writing resumes, cover letters and interviewing, as well as job and industry profiles, with its large collection of articles and videos. Recently, it has added a link on each occupational profile page to the job finder website, Indeed.com, which will provide you with the most current job openings in your field.

The database Books 24 X 7 provides hundreds of ebooks on careers and job hunting, as well as allowing you to access Skillsoft tutorials to update your MS Office and other computer skills. If your dream job requires Excel expertise, teach yourself using Skillsoft.

Lexis Nexis, the premier paralegal database, can also be used to find the inside scoop on that company you have been hoping to work for. Wow them at your interview by having read an industry profile, a market research or annual report, or a SWOT analysis.

And don’t overlook your local public library during your job search. Their resources are always free and their librarians and web pages provide instant help. One of the best local websites is the La Crosse Public library which provides links to federal, regional and state jobs, cover letter, resume and interviewing sites, career planning and even salary information.

Graduation day may seem a long way off right now, but when that proud day arrives, remember your best friend; your library!