Wonders of Windows 8

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As the holiday shopping season approaches, the technology machine starts bringing out the gadgets of the year for stocking stuffers and enthusiasts alike.  This year, Microsoft is set to release Windows 8.  The idea is to have all the new computers, tablets, and other gadgets for the season be running the newest of the latest and greatest.

In August of 2012, Windows 7 became the most popular desktop operating system today.  It is a title that took over three years to wrestle away from Windows XP, which held it for nearly 8 years.  Why is Microsoft so anxious to roll out Windows 8?  Professionals and analysts alike debate that and will likely debate that for months to come.  The larger question is: what does the release of Windows 8 mean for you?  Among the many changes in Windows 8 is the new “Metro User Interface” or MUI.  Instead of the all too familiar start button or orb in the lower left, the MUI is a tablet style interface that relies on tiles for applications instead of individual icons.  Many experts argue that Microsoft is making a massive mistake by forcing the masses to the MUI.  The desktop style interface has been a staple of Windows since the release of Windows 3.1 and has had several make overs throughout history.

Why would Microsoft make this change?  No one agrees, but the change is happening.  What this means for the business world and the average user will only be determined by time.  Until then, before you purchase a gadget for this holiday season, play with Windows 8 ahead of time.  See what you think and then make the best choice.  Happy Shopping!

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