You’re Fired! 3 Reasons Why

Being professional through the job search is very important. Showing up for your interview early, being polite with the front desk staff, presenting a positive attitude, and remembering to follow-up are all essential. But, according to Globe University-La Crosse Career Services Coordinator Lisa Paulson, if you don’t keep up the professionalism after you’re on the job, you’ll be fired! Below are 3 simple reasons why people are fired the first few weeks on the job:

Globe University

Globe Career Services Team Carolyn and Lisa demonstrating attitudes NOT to have at work.

You’re Late

If you are supposed to be at work at 8:00a.m., then be there by 7:50a.m. Being early for work is a terrific way to show your employer that you’re eager to begin and excited about your job. This will also demonstrate that you want to grow with the company, not just be a part of the status quo.

If you were told when you started your job that your hours are 8 a.m. to 4:30p.m., then those are your hours. Don’t think that you can decide on your own that you can change them. This may be difficult at times especially if your coworkers, or even your boss, shows up late on Mondays or cuts out early on Fridays. Set a good example for others and stick to your schedule.

You’re Dramatic

No one wants to hear that you or a family member has medical problems, if your date was awful last night, or that your kid or dog threw up after eating something they found on the floor!

Keep conversations professional. You might develop friendships with your coworkers, but be careful what information you share at work and who might overhear it. Having good relationships with your coworkers is important, but negative and unprofessional conversations shouldn’t be shared at work. Those conversations are better reserved for outside the workplace.

You’re Grumpy

Attitude doesn’t happen when you are having a good day. It is how you handle the not so good parts of your day that matter to others around you. Going to work, school, or the grocery store with a negative attitude is a great way to turn people off to you.  You might have lost a night of rest to a barking dog, got up on the wrong side of the bed, and poured coffee down your shirt, but that doesn’t give you the excuse to be rude to others.

Your attitude follows you wherever you go and it is one of the first things people notice about you. Be a person with a positive attitude that people are drawn to, not a negative attitude that pushes people away.

Getting a job is the first step, keeping it is the next! Make sure you consider these professionalism tips so you’re not fired!

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This post was written by Lisa Paulson. Lisa began her journey with Globe University-La Crosse as a student earning a bachelor’s degrees in business management in both human resources and marketing. She joined the career services team at Globe University-La Crosse as a career services coordinator and adjunct instructor in July 2012. The best part of Lisa’s day is getting a phone call from a student or graduate telling her they were offered a position in their field!