MSB Lakeville Students Learn the Value and Power of Networking

Students in Mary Meisner’s Career Capstone class have the opportunity to attend a networking event and learn firsthand the value in making professional connections.  Recently, Minnesota School of Business-Lakeville student Abigail Flodin attended a networking event and made exciting career connections.  The networking event, called Master Networks, is a weekly event held at the Lakeville campus for professionals working all over the metro area.

Abby Flodin Blog PhotoAbigail described the meeting as being a way to share connections and offer advice on how to be successful in a professional setting.

“A member shared the first training tip and then another member did a practice run-through of a presentation on her business.  This allowed the group to give her feedback about what she did well so that it is ready to show clients,” Abigail said.  The group also shared referrals and testimonials received from other group members, which Abigail also found useful.

“During the social portion, the woman who mentioned Anchor Bank needing tellers asked me if I was interested in doing that. I said I would love to, and I gave her my resume,” said Abigail.  Within a few hours, Abigail had an offer for an interview with the bank!  She went in the next day and gained invaluable interview experience.

The number one reason students choose a school is career preparation.  Students enrolled at Globe University & Minnesota School of Business are getting hands-on career preparation through classes like Career Capstone.  By having students attend real-life networking events, students are not only gaining invaluable professional experience, but they’re also bridging the gap between employers and students.

“The whole experience taught me the value of networking. I would have never known about the open positions or gotten an interview so fast without it,” Abigail said. “It is a great way to meet people and I found it very beneficial. I would recommend everyone to attend at least one networking group because it can open doors for you. I have new connections now which is helpful in the job search.”

Written by: Madeline Rudawski