5 Tips to Owning Your Job Search

Own your job search.  No one else has a greater desire for you to get that job than you.  Job searching needs to be your top priority.  Globe University-Madison East Director of Career Services Elizabeth Disch says, “Think of your job search like it’s a brand new business and you are the CEO.  First, have marketing materials—resume, LinkedIn profile, cover letters—that are top notch.  And second, promote your product—your experience, skills, and education—to your ideal customer, ie., the company you would like to work for.”

Check out these helpful tips to owning your job search. 

1. Schedule it and Stick to the Schedule. If you have a hectic or busy schedule, make sure you pencil your job search into your calendar.  You won’t land a job if you don’t apply for one.  Break it down if you need to; try applying for one job each day.

job_search_log (2)2. Use a Job Log.  If you are on a serious job search you are most likely applying for quite a few jobs.  Keeping a job log like the one to the right can help you keep track of where you have applied and for what positions. 

3. Follow Up.  This is the key to true job seeker success.  If you aren’t following up, you aren’t a true job seeker.  Following up tells the hiring manager you are truly interested.  It helps you stand out above the rest of the candidates.  Following up can be as simple as a phone call.  Many candidates have gained interviews through follow-up calls.

4. Network.  Connect with other professionals through LinkedIn, Google+, and in person through professional associations in your field.  Networking is one of the best ways to learn about open positions before they are posted to the public.  Once you build a strong network, others might actually seek you out for open positions. If it isn’t going to hinder your current position, tell everyone (your friends, family, pharmacist, doctor, neighbor, etc.) that you are looking for a job.  You never know who or what they might know.  Is there a company you would love to work for?  Stop in and see if they are hiring, bring your resume to leave so they can follow up with you.  You might even get an impromptu interview on the spot.  They aren’t going to know you are interested in working there until you tell them. 

5. Keep at it. Persistence and determination are important keys to success in any job search.  It’s easy to get disappointed or down after a while, but know that there is a job for you out there and a good attitude will help land you that job.  Stay positive and continue to own your job search.