American Legal Systems Students Present Opening Statements In Mock Murder Trial

Katelyn Sopha presents the opening statement on behalf of the prosecution.

“Not Guilty,” was the verdict the jury foreperson read at Globe University – Madison East’s mock trial on Wednesday, November 9th.   Students in the American Legal Systems class  presented opening statements in a murder trial to a jury comprised of Globe University staff and faculty. 

Based solely on those opening statements, jurors determined whether the defendant was guilty or not. The prosecution and defense gave well thought out statements about Ms. Jordan who was charged with second degree murder in the death of her husband.  

Jocelyn Turner, Nicole Farr, Corinne Dockter, Erin Everett, Katelyn Sopha, Mike Lenzendorf, and Ashley Hensen pose after the mock murder trial.

Paralegal Program Chair, Erin Everett, served as the judge.  Prior to the opening statements Judge Everett reminded the jury, “It is the duty of the prosecution to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.  Second degree murder is defined as  an intentional killing that is not premeditated or planned, not committed in a reasonable heat of passion or  a killing caused by dangerous conduct and the offender’s obvious lack of concern for human life.”

The mock trail gave the class a chance to develop critical thinking and public speaking skills, as well as knowledge of legal procedures.  Student Corinne Dockter said, “This was a great experience of how court works in reality.”