December 2014 Graduation: Just the Beginning

“Tonight, I will focus on beginnings,” said Laurie Anne Caamal, Globe University-Madison West graduate.

Completing one part of the journey and starting a new journeyall in one night. Let’s celebrate our fall 2014 graduates!

Inspiring and motivating speeches were recently given by our graduate speakers from the Madison East and Madison West campuses.

Globe University-Madison West Graduates

Joy, laughter and tears were spread throughout the audience. Hearing the obstacles that were overcome and the journeys that led them to becoming Globe University alumni was nothing short of amazing.

Madison East speaker Terkeysa Patterson, a graduate of the medical assistant program, spoke about her journey, quoting C. S. Lewis: “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”

Globe University-Madison East Graduates

It set the atmosphere for graduation.

“Forcing myself to get up every day to go to a job because I have to pay bills. Now Globe University has changed my life for the good of myself and my family, and I have come so far in my life,” Terkeysa said. “I had something to prove to myself and to the people that wanted to see me succeed. I just want to let everyone know that no matter what life throws at you, your setback is a setup for a come up.” 

Madison East speaker Whitney Ruda, a graduate of the paralegal program, spoke about overcoming your past and how to not let that ruin your future.

“As a teenager, I made some reckless choices. I was incarcerated for four years at the age of 20. Shortly before enrolling at Globe University, I started working for Pelliterri Waste Systems, a company that, thankfully, believed in second chances,” Whitney said. “After learning about networking at Globe, at Pelliterri’s last annual company Christmas party, I approached one of the owners and spoke to him about my goals. Later, he offered to create a position to specifically to deal with contracts. I’m proud to say I began my current position as the contracts coordinator for Pellitteri Waste Systems.”

She continued talking about her story and overcoming obstacles.

“There was a time when I had lost all faith in myself. I honestly believed it would never get better, that I would never be better,” she said. “But right now, in this moment, I know that no matter what your past struggles are, no matter how you’ve been judged, no matter if you’ve ever lost sight of who you are or who you want to be, with faith, hope and a lot of determination you can overcome and be everything you were ever meant to be.”

Laurie Anne Caamal, Madison West speaker and admissions representative for the campus, graduated from the business administrative program and shared her path to becoming a Globe graduate.

“Tonight I was going to focus my time on rising above obstacles. But graduates, you have already done that. Congratulations! Instead, tonight I am going to focus on beginnings. Graduates, do you remember the first time you stepped into Globe University? Do you remember the beginning of this journey?” she asked. “My ‘beginning’ was a pending divorce and the need to secure a better job to financially support two children. I could not find meaningful full-time employmenteven with years of administrative experience and owning my own business, because I had an incomplete degree and an employment gap in my resume due to taking time to raise my children. I was working yet another part-time job and facing heavy financial issues when I saw the commercial on TV for Globe University. I made the call. My next beginning was my first quarter at Globe. We have all been through things that have made it tough to continue and we have all made it to the other sidenot to the end, but to the beginning.”

Congratulations to our December 2014 Madison Globe University graduates!

  •          Jonathan Dibble*- AAS: Managerial Accounting                                                
  •          Paul Jones- AAS: Business Administration            
  •          Megan Peterson- AAS: Business Administration
  •          Laurie Anne Caamal*-BA: Business Administration
  •          Alisha Kunz- BS: Business Management                                                 
  •          Arthur Blimling- AAS: Criminal Justice     
  •          Shelbi L. Valek*- BS: Criminal Justice                                                      
  •          Heather Gonzagowski- BS: Health Care Management
  •          Todd A. Grauvogl- AAS: Health Fitness Specialist                                                              
  •          Daniel Torres- AAS: Information Technology
  •          Jason J. Janz*- BS: Information Technology         
  •          Chris Andersen- BS: Information Technology     
  •          Sean Murray- BS: Information Technology          
  •          Ben Riser- BS: Information Technology                                                 
  •          Brittany M. Miller: Diploma: Massage Therapy
  •          Monica Bullen*- AAS: Massage Therapy               
  •          Kari Steindorf- AAS: Massage Therapy                                                  
  •          Terkeysa Patterson- AAS: Medical Assistant       
  •          Sofia Albis- AAS: Medical Assistant
  •          Felicia Bay Baccam- AAS: Medical Assistant         
  •          Heather N. Graham*- AAS: Medical Assistant    
  •          Miranda Peterson- AAS: Medical Assistant
  •          Jasmine Sullivan*- AAS: Medical Assistant
  •          Glenda Vasquez- AAS: Medical Assistant             
  •          Fiona K. Wakefield- AAS: Medical Assistant
  •          Tanya Walters*-AAS: Medical Assistant                                                
  •          Amber Bowman- AAS: Paralegal
  •          James A. Kalscheur- AAS: Paralegal         
  •          Whitney Ruda- AAS: Paralegal
  •          Tammy De La Rosa- AAS: Paralegal
  •          Mindy Gehin- AAS: Paralegal
  •          Corinne R. Dockter- BS: Paralegal
  •          Julie L. Roberts*- BS: Paralegal  
  •          Trina Dohm**- BS: Paralegal                                                      
  •          Chelsea Bauman- AAS: Veterinary Technology
  •          Julie Jerdee*- AAS: Veterinary Technology
  •          Carley Reisen*- AAS: Veterinary Technology
  •          Kristi L. Cherry- AAS: Veterinary Technology
  •          Christopher Horne- AAS: Veterinary Technology
  •          Rachel Kyle- AAS: Veterinary Technology
  •          Jesse Shunk*- AAS: Veterinary Technology
  •          Samantha J. Sutor- AAS: Veterinary Technology
  •          Sabina M. Thies – AAS: Veterinary Technology
  •          Jessica A. Yauk- AAS: Veterinary Technology
  •          Elizabeth Cogshall- BS: Veterinary Technology