Dreams Shared & Accomplished: Graduates Learn Anything is Possible.

Messages on overcoming adversities and celebrating our diverse personalities were the highlight of Globe University-Madison’s Fall 2013 graduation.

glove university madison east

To celebrate their achievements, graduates decorated their caps to send out their special message.

Thirty-five students from the Madison East and Madison West campuses celebrated at the Sheraton Hotel in Madison, Wis. on December 20th.

Serving as the graduate speakers were Amy Lang, who graduated with her associate degree in massage therapy and Maia Novotnak, who graduated with her associate degree in business administration. Both graduated with honors.

Amy shared the challenges she faced while she worked toward achieving her dream of graduating college after losing her husband unexpectedly.

“I, like many others, have had hoops to jump through while here at school,” shared Amy. “But if it hadn’t been such a small school, the teachers would never learn to understand their students and you wouldn’t get one-on-one teaching with every student. I want congratulate every graduate for making it this far and to tell you to continue your journey because it only begins here! Life is full lessons and how you choose to deal with that lesson is up to you, and how you deal with change in your life will be your future! Enjoy every minute, and have a blast with every second you live!”

Maia’s focus was on the communication style/personality test called Insights, which all Globe University campuses utilize. Maia highlighted each color group and celebrated each graduate by having them stand up to represent their dominant color.

“Ladies and gentlemen look around—what you should see is that all four colors have a chance at graduating and moving onto the real world,” Maia said. “We also have a way of working together to get to a common goal. We are the Fall of 2013 graduating class and we did it!”

“Graduates—what I really want you to take from this is that anything is possible,” Maia added. “Whether you live by the Nike slogan ‘Just Do It!’ or you like to take your time and see all the pieces to the puzzle, we can and will accomplish anything.”

Serving as the keynote speaker was Dr. Chad Updike, chiropractor and the owner of AlignLife of Waunakee. Dr. Updike shared his path to success which included unexpected turns.

“As a new business owner, I was doing everything that you should be doing,” he shared. “Things were progressing but not at the rate I would have anticipated, and the plan I had wasn’t coming to fruition. I started to get frustrated and felt resentment. I went from an excited person to starting to feel sorry for myself.”

What changed for him was a book called, “The Law of the Garbage Truck” and he shared this lesson with the graduating class, since they, too, will likely experience adversities one day.

“Many people are like garbage trucks,” Dr. Updike read. “They run around full of garbage, frustration, anger and disappointment. As their garbage piles up they look for a place to dump it, and if you let them, they will dump it on you. So when someone dumps on you, don’t take it personally, just smile, wave, wish them well and move on. When you follow the law of the garbage truck you take back control of your life and make room for the good.”

Globe University-Madison east

Presenting the graduating class of Fall 2013.


Congratulations to our Fall 2013 graduates and here is to your successful futures.

  • Jacob Dischler* – BS: Accounting
  • Patrick D. Hiebing* – AAS: Business Administration
  • Christopher Hooper – AAS: Business Administration
  • Maia Novotnak* – AAS: Business Administration
  • Amanda Schumacher** – MBA
  • Elizabeth Kempka – AAS: Criminal Justice
  • Anthony R. Statz – AAS: Criminal Justice
  • Rebecca Rajchel* – AAS: Criminal Justice
  • Cody Bates – BS: Health Care Management
  • Brittani L. Jacoboski-Pierce – BS: Health Care Management
  • Kelly Cook* – AAS: Information Technology
  • Scott D. Zautke – BS: Information Technology
  • Tyler L. Traisman – AAS: Interactive Media and Design
  • Deborah Brandt** – Diploma: Massage Therapy
  • Eric Olds* – Diploma: Massage Therapy
  • Flutura M. Hajdini – AAS: Massage Therapy
  • Amy M. Lang* – AAS: Massage Therapy
  • Samantha Thompson – Diploma: Medical Assistant
  • Kathryn Scarlett Anderson* – AAS: Medical Assistant
  • Lee Kaltenberg – AAS: Medical Assistant
  • Julianne Kristina Lueck* – AAS: Medical Assistant
  • Jamie M. Procter – AAS: Medical Assistant
  • Cheri Lane* – AAS: Medical Assistant
  • Trisha Marie Alt* – AAS: Music Business
  • Amanda Jones* – AAS: Music Business
  • Corisa Urban* – Certificate: Paralegal
  • Jocelyn Turner – BS: Paralegal
  • Keith Bourdon – AAS: Veterinary Technology
  • Normandy Gaines – AAS: Veterinary Technology
  • Heather Heeringa – AAS: Veterinary Technology
  • Dawn Protz – AAS: Veterinary Technology
  • Julie Blackard* – AAS: Veterinary Technology
  • BrandeNycole Kuelz** – AAS: Veterinary Technology
  • Lindsay North – AAS: Veterinary Technology

*indicates honors, **indicates high honors