Epic Field Trip is One to Remember

“Best field trip ever!” Those were some of words I heard during a recent field trip I tagged along on with Globe University-Madison East medical assistant and medical administrative assistant students to Epic Systems Corporation.

Epic is a medical software company based in Verona, Wisconsin. Epic software is used in mid-size and large medical groups, hospitals and healthcare organizations. The company employs over 6,000 people and has quite a unique work environment.


Students and faculty outside the Epic entrance before the tour

Our group was split into two groups with different tour guides. During the tour students were able to learn and take in the unique work culture Epic provides its employees including:

Building Themes. My group’s tour guide, Marie, began by pointing out that each of the buildings on the Epic campus are themed and include many pieces of artwork that revolve around the building’s theme. For instance, one of the first buildings she showed us was a building called Heaven. Heaven was toy themed and had fun-house mirrors on the walls, a large rocking horse, and a slide to the lower level. Other themes seen throughout the campus include a Scandinavian theme, a jungle theme, a farm theme and many more.

Epic Dress Code. As we walked around the Epic campus, it was evident that there was a very relaxed dress code in place. Our tour guide was wearing jeans and Wisconsin Badgers t-shirt and many of the employees we saw were wearing shorts, t-shirts and sandals. We were told that there is no true dress code at Epic for most business days. There are only a few days throughout the year when employees adhere to a business professional dress code while on the Epic campus.

Epic tour,

Student Beth Sandmire takes the slide to the lower level at Epic

Casual and Fun Atmosphere. While on our tour, we visited the Epic tree house where we chatted briefly with a new employee who was doing his new employee assigned reading on the balcony of the tree house. There was also a conference room in the tree house, allowing teams to take their meetings to a new level. We also saw employees hanging out by the dock of the pond with notebooks in hand, inevitably having a work meeting while dipping their toes in water.

Sabbaticals. Employees are eligible for a month of paid time off every five years. If that employee wants to travel to another country with their family during their sabbatical, most of the expenses including airfare and lodging are paid for by Epic.

Clubs and Social Events. Epic has an array of organized clubs and social events for their employees to partake in including organized sports teams and bands. In addition to these, there is also a company picnic and annual Pi celebration each year on campus.

Eco-friendly. Epic prides itself on being an environmentally friendly workplace. Not only does Epic software help to eliminate unneeded paper files with their electronic database, but the campus itself is eco-friendly. They have over 3,500 geothermal wells and


Our group stopped on the bridge the overlooked the beautiful pond

more than 9,000 solar panels.

“They take care of their workers by making a relaxed work environment that is eco-friendly. Not to mention that their jobs are hard and ever-changing the medical fields so they really go out of the way to make your job a little less stressful and fun,” said medical assistant student Kari Woolley.

It’s nearly impossible to explain all of the amazing things that our group saw and learned about during our tour of Epic, but one thing is for sure: Epic is definitely in a world of its own when it comes to company culture, and it allowed these students the chance to learn where the medical charting software they will be using someday soon comes from and who the employees are behind it.