First Comes Graduation, Then Comes…

Graduation is a time for students to celebrate one great achievement as they complete their college degree and begin working in the career field they love.  For one graduate, that night brought her one additional, very special surprise.

After conferring of the diplomas and degrees, Rocky Klitzke, campus director at Globe University-Madison East, provided the closing remarks and then welcomed Josh Beaupray to the stage.

And then it happened. Josh called up his girlfriend, Felicia Wilson, a graduate in the veterinary technology program, to the stage and proposed to her.

Speaking with the newly engaged couple afterwards, this is what they had to say.

“I’ve known for a while that I wanted to marry Felicia,” Josh said. “I love her very dearly and her family has been so great to me over the last few years. She woke up one morning and told me she had a dream where I proposed to her at graduation.  I knew the whole time that I wanted to marry her but I knew how at that point. I asked her parents and they said yes. Then I came to ask Globe University and they said they would love to have me do the engagement at graduation. I went out to purchase the ring and toughed it out for the couple weeks I had to wait for graduation.”

Globe University, Engagement

The happy couple Felicia Wilson and Josh Beaupray

And just what was Josh’s reaction to her saying yes? “I’m super happy she said yes; that’s a relief, obviously. I’ve been so nervous this whole time, but definitely glad that it went well.”

Newly engaged graduate and bride to be, Felicia was still in shock. “I’m surprised and had no idea. Like Josh said, I had that dream but I just thought if I told him it would mean nothing. But it’s crazy that it happened.”

This was a first for Globe University and for Melissa Simon, director of career services; she was excited to have our campus be a part of this special day.

“When Josh came to me to inquire about the possibility of proposing to his girlfriend, Felicia, at her graduation in September, I was ecstatic,” Melissa said. “Our leadership teams on both campuses were determined to help make this happen as we all felt so grateful that he wanted Globe to be a part of this memorable event in their lives. Josh did an amazing job and it was very exciting to see all the joy and happiness in the room.”

We wish Josh and Felicia all the best in the coming year as they plan their wedding.