Give Medical Assistants a Hand!

“Give MAs a Hand” is the theme on campus this week as Globe University – Madison East celebrates Medical Assistants Recognition Week.  Medical Assistants across the country are recognized during this special week and honored on Medical Assistants Recognition Day, October 19, 2011. 

In celebration of Medical Assistants Recognition Week, Globe – Madison East celebrated with cake, games, and prizes.  Students were encouraged to learn more about Medical Assistants by stopping by the information table in the student commons throughout the week.  The table included information on Medical Assistant Recogition Week, some of the service learning projects Madison East students have participated in and a matching game following the theme “Give MAs a Hand” in which students matched the photos of the hands to the correct staff or faculty member.  Prizes were given to the student with the most correct answers.

GU-MAC officers Barb Reilly, Andrea Morton, and Amy Tikkanen helped kick off the Medical Assistants Recognition celebration.

“I am studying to be a Medical Assistant because I love people and have genuine compassion for people who are sick,” said student Barb Reilly.  “Many of us see MAs when we visit our doctor but may not be aware of it.  Hopefully this week brings awareness.”