Globe University-Madison Celebrates Largest Graduating Class to Date

It was a packed house at the Sheraton Hotel in Madison, Wis. as Globe University-Madison East and Madison West celebrated our Winter 2014 graduates.

This was the largest combined graduating class to date with 56 students graduating and 53 walking.

Globe University

Globe University-Madison East and Madison West Graduates

Serving as the graduate speakers were Shereen Washington, who graduated with her associate degree in massage therapy, and Helen Williams, who earned her associate degree in medical assistant.

Their speeches focused on the importance of having a strong support group as well as the drive to continue no matter what.

Shereen talked about how she found herself back in the classroom after 15 years. She highlighted the faculty, friends and family who helped her through her journey. “For everyone who flipped a flashcard, edited a paper, let me practice on their body or just left me alone because they knew I had homework, I want to say thank you,” said Shereen.

Globe University Graduation

Veterinary technology graduate Chelsea Haapala

Shereen’s message was clear. “What I have confirmed is that there is only one person who can stop me from achieving my dreams, and that is me. So I will continue to get out of my own way to achieve my greatness, and I advise you to do the same.”

Many can relate to Helen’s story. “I’m a single parent trying to better my kids’ lives, just like some of you,” she shared. “I’m not the president of my class, I’m just a classmate to all of the people in the medical assistant program. We all have a support system that has helped us through it all. We had that one classmate that we could count on to compare answers with, a quick study session, or just a shoulder to lean on when we were too run down to keep going. I had some the best instructors throughout my three years at Globe, and I think I can speak for my fellow classmates when I say, thank you! None of us would have made it at all if it weren’t for you.”

Globe University-Online

Globe University-Online Graduates

Serving as the keynote speaker was Julie Lombardo, PT, MA OCS, WCS, President of Capital Physical Therapy. Julie shared her story of success highlighting that it wasn’t a straight shot.

Quoting Robert H. Schuller, Julie shared, “‘Commit yourself to a dream. Nobody who tries to do something great but fails is a total failure. Why? Because he can always rest assured that he succeeded in life’s most important battle—he defeated the fear of trying.’”

She continued, “This is just the beginning of your career, and you guys get to paint the rest of that picture, but make sure you think about what you want that to look like and go out and create it. Do your job with love and passion. Work hard and be honest, and do not be afraid to fail. If you keep plugging away at your dream, good things will happen.”

Congratulations to our Winter 2014 graduates and here is to your successful futures.

  • Sara Albanese-AAS: Veterinary Technology
  • Melissa Bailey-AAS: Veterinary Technology
  • Diane Baillargeon-*AAS: Medical Assistant
  • Sarah Boyd-AAS: Medical Assistant
  • Gillian Bublitz-AAS: Veterinary Technology
  • *Steven J. Burke- BS: Health Care Management
  • Patrick T. Campfield- AAS: Music Business
  • Cristina Carpentier- AAS: Veterinary Technology
  • *Elliot G. Christensen- AAS: Music Business
  • *Brittanie Dempsey-MBA: Science in Management
  • Anthony D. Derrick-AAS: Interactive Media and Graphic Design
  • **Elizabeth Elliot-AAS: Veterinary Technology
  • *Stephanie Felts-AAS: Massage Therapy
  • Tanner Flodeen-AAS: Veterinary Technology
  • *Lesley Gage-AAS: Veterinary Technology
  • *Haley A. Gausmann-AAS: Veterinary Technology
  • Kasandra R. Goehl-AAS: Veterinary Technology
  • *Daniel Gotautis-AAS: Business Administration
  • Amber L. Grenfell-AAS: Veterinary Technology
  • Chelsea R. Haapala-AAS: Veterinary Technology
  • *Coleen K. Hanson-AAS: Veterinary Technology
  • Jennifer Harrison-AAS: Veterinary Technology
  • James P. Hill-BS: Business Management
  • Jacklyn M. Holland-AAS: Medical Assistant
  • Michele L. Johnson-AAS: Business Administration
  • *Sheryl Jones-AAS: Veterinary Technology
  • *Emma M. Karst-AAS: Veterinary Technology
  • Lisa Ketelboeter-AAS: Health Fitness Specialist
  • April M. Klinkner-AAS: Health Fitness Specialist
  • Courtney L. Ladd-AAS: Medical Assistant
  • Leslee A. Larson**-MBA: Business Administration
  • **Chelsey Larson-AAS: Veterinary Technology
  • Jennifer Latsch-AAS: Veterinary Technology
  • Veronica Ledezma-BS: Business Administration
  • Brittaney M. Lewis-AAS: Medical Assistant
  • Megan Loger-BS: Business Management
  • Luanne K. Marcum-BS: Business Administration
  • Vicki Meier-Diploma: Massage Therapy
  • *Christopher J. Naputi-AAS: Medical Assistant
  • Brittani P. New-AAS: Veterinary Technology
  • *Kayle Nieuwenhuis-AAS: Medical Assistant
  • *Lindsey Parks-AAS: Business Administration
  • Carla Prestidge-BS: Accounting
  • Audrianne Roger-AAS: Medical Assistant
  • Samantha L. Schroeder-AAS: Medical Assistant
  • Amber Seltzner-AAS: Veterinary Technology
  • Melissa A. Simon**-Masters: Business Administration
  • Troy Sprecker*-BS: Business Management
  • Heather Thorson*-AAS: Medical Assistant
  • Morgan Uhe-AAS Veterinary Technology
  • Shereen Washington-AAS: Massage Therapy
  • Nicole Whitfield-AAS: Medical Assistant
  • *Larkin Wilde-BS: Business Administration
  • *Helen Williams-AAS: Medical Assistant
  • Adam Yager-AAS: Health Fitness Specialist
  • Karen Ziegler-AAS: Veterinary Technology
  • Hollie Zwiers-AAS: Veterinary Technology

*indicates honors
**indicates high honors