Globe University Recognizes Massage Therapy Student

Student of the Month: Shereen Washington

Student Rhea Scherbert, Massage Therapy Program Chair Robin Rinehart, and student Brieana Groskreutz stand behind Shereen as she volunteers at the Global Healing Touch Massage Clinic registration table.

Dedicated. Committed. Determined.  Those are the words used to describe Globe University’s August Student of the Month – Shereen Washington.  As a second quarter massage therapy student, Shereen has already proven how important her education is to her.  Shereen lives in Janesville, Wisconsin and to save money on gas she takes not one, but two buses, to come to campus. It takes her over two hours to get to school, but she doesn’t seem to mind one bit.

Instead of focusing on the long ride or the extra time on campus she spends between classes, Shereen is focuses on her future. As a non-traditional student and mother of four, Shereen decided she needed a change.  Formerly working in hospital billing, Shereen was tired of being stuck in an office.  She wanted to do something more with her life.  She wanted to help people.  After doing her research, Shereen enrolled at Globe University in the massage therapy program and has been excited about her future ever since.

Shereen is already a student tutor for both math foundations and medical terminology. She is also involved with the Global Healing Touch Massage Clinic each month, helping check clients in when they arrive. Global Healing Touch Massage Clinic is a free monthly clinic coordinated by Globe University massage therapy students and instructors at the East Madison Community Center.

“Shereen is unbelievable,” said Instructor Elisha Terre.  “As a new student she already stands out as far as her dedication to her degree, her intelligence, and her hard work.  Only a few weeks into the quarter she was offered and accepted a position as a student tutor as her understanding for the material and her patience was recognized by her instructor and others around her.”

Globe University staff and faculty are proud to recognize Shereen Washington as this month’s Student of the Month.  As Student of the Month, Shereen received a certificate, special parking spot for August, and $15 gift certificate to the school store.