Globe University Spring Graduation: Sharing Journeys, Wisdom and Triumph

With a room filled with balloons, decorated hats and spells of laughter and cheers, Globe University-Madison East and West celebrated their Spring 2014 graduating class at the Sheraton Hotel in Madison, Wisconsin.

Megan Mojica

Megan Mojica received her diploma in medical administrative assistant that night is all smiles.

Many would agree that the speeches are essential in making graduation unforgettable. Graduate speakers, Sarah Bortz, who graduated with her associate degree in criminal justice, and Jill Howard, who earned her associate degree in medical assistant, unquestionably delivered.

“Where do we go from here?” asked Sarah, who landed her dream job as a deputy with the Dane County Sheriff’s Office.  “We have all learned skills and have gained knowledge that will help us all be successful on whichever path we decide to take our lives from here. But personally, one of the most valuable things I have learned here was about myself and that the strength anyone needs to overcome any obstacle in life is always inside and around all of us.”

“It will come during the times you are at your lowest and need it most,” she said. “This strength may come from within by remembering just how much you want this or need to accomplish this milestone in your life. It may have come from looking into your child’s eyes and knowing you want a better life for them than where you’re at now. It may even come to you just by realizing the beauty of life itself.”

Globe University

Representing Madison East, Sarah Bortz, and Madison West, Jill Howard

“My journey began 18 months ago,” said Jill, who now works for Dean Fish Hatchery as a medical assistant. “I was facing a new chapter in my life: 35 years old, in the middle of a divorce, a single mother of three kids, no job, no degree. I was terrified! But I took a deep breath and promised myself I will do whatever it takes to make a better life for me and my kids!”

“I had always had an interest in the medical and nursing field,” she added. “I did some internet searching and Globe University popped up. I got a call from a recruiter and agreed to a meeting. Really, with no preconceived notions, I showed up for my appointment, and it dawned on me! I’m going back to school! I’m going to do this! Right then and there, I signed up for the medical assistant program!

It was a scramble and a lot to juggle a job, kids and now going back to school. But I made a promise to myself, and I was going to keep it no matter what it took. So the weeks and the quarters ticked by one by one, hundreds of flash cards, late night study groups, countless hours of homework and reading, cramming for exams and no sleep. There were a lot of laughs and a lot of tears. We worked hard and conquered our fears, instructors and students became family, and I’ve never known such motivation and support from a group of people.

So remember, no matter what life throws at you, keep those promises you made to yourself,” Jill said.

Mo Afshar

Mo Afshar

Mo Afshar, senior talent management consultant from Career Momentum, Inc., was the keynote speaker providing celebratory words of triumph and wisdom.

“Victory, how sweet it is,” said Mo. “A few short years ago, you set a goal to earn your college degree and since then have worked hard to reach that goal. A goal that required overcoming many challenges, sacrifices and balancing acts in order to be accomplished. Some, if not all, of you, went through your programs while working simultaneously. Some of you juggled schoolwork with family and parental responsibilities. However, your unwavering commitment to your education and to build a better future for yourself kept you energized and you pressed on. Now you are here and you succeeded.

You now have the credentials and the opportunity to make a difference,” said Mo. “You’ve laid the groundwork by pursuing your educational dreams and finished the journey by becoming an even better you. Let your higher education and newly gained wisdom and knowledge be the foundation for your future. Be the role model for your children and those around you whom you love so dearly when it comes to the importance and value of higher education. Help them gain the ability and capacity to compete in this competitive world as you have done yourself. Simply put, follow your heart and intuition and be great at what you love to do.”

Globe University

Veterinary Technology graduates uphold the code of ethics.

Congratulations to our Spring 2014 graduates and here is to your successful futures.

  •          Ketsana Chareun-AAS: Business Administration
  •          Christopher Mason-AAS: Business Administration
  •          Zandra Zimmerman-AAS: Business Administration
  •          Robert Markin-BS: Business Administration
  •          Sheryl Scott-BS: Business Administration
  •          Jonathan Wohlert- BS: Business Administration
  •          Ryan Schernecker*- BS: Business Management
  •          Ashley Winters**- MBA: Business Administration
  •          Sarah Bortz*- AAS: Criminal Justice
  •          Tabatha Felder-AAS: Criminal Justice
  •          Dawn Stankiewicz-AAS: Criminal Justice
  •          Dana Crumpton-BS: Health Care Management
  •          Jennifer Baker-BS: Health Care Management
  •          Kyle Buenning-AAS: Health Fitness Specialist
  •          Theresa McCray*-BS: Health Fitness Specialist
  •          Jennifer Merrill*-AAS: Information Technology
  •          Jessie Salinas-AAS: Information Technology
  •          Scarlet Swenson*-Diploma: Massage Therapy
  •          Teresa Bennett-AAS: Massage Therapy
  •          Keri Ploetz-AAS: Massage Therapy
  •          David VanSchyndel*-AAS: Massage Therapy
  •          Megan Mojica*-Diploma: Medical Administrative Assistant
  •          Alisia Grady-AAS: Medical Assistant
  •          Heather McLoud-AAS: Medical Assistant
  •          Kayla O’Shaughnessy-AAS: Medical Assistant
  •          Paris Blathers-AAS: Medical Assistant
  •          Casey Chizek-AAS: Medical Assistant
  •          Jill Howard*-AAS: Medical Assistant
  •          Emily Robinson-AAS: Medical Assistant
  •          Amber Russell-AAS: Medical Assistant
  •          Anna Thompson*-AAS: Medical Assistant
  •          Ashleigh Buenning-AAS: Paralegal
  •          Teka Bue-AAS: Veterinary Technology
  •          Acacia Haak-AAS: Veterinary Technology
  •          Alyssa Hahn- AAS: Veterinary Technology
  •          Megan Wieners*- AAS: Veterinary Technology
  •          Cheri Wierichs*- AAS: Veterinary Technology
  •          Jill Zamorano- AAS: Veterinary Technology
  •          Consuelo Vanessa Arboleda*- AAS: Veterinary Technology
  •          Amanda Beach- AAS: Veterinary Technology
  •          Andrew Lockman**– AAS: Veterinary Technology
  •          Tova Rue- BS: Veterinary Technology

*indicates honors, **indicates high honors