Governor Walker’s Staff Visit Madison East Campus

Director of Admissions Brittany Knutson gives Policy Research Assistants Patrick Hughes and Michael Brickman a tour of the Madison East campus.

Governor Walker’s Policy Research Assistants, Michael Brickman and Patrick Hughes, visited campus this week to learn more about Globe University.  The two staffers are part of the Policy Research Team which influence the positions the Governor takes on issues.  While on campus, Brickman and Hughes received a campus tour highlighting all of the programs Globe offers and the applied learning techniques implemented.

After the tour, they met with Campus Director Rocky Klitzke, Director of Government Relations Tom Kosel, Director of Admissions Brittany Knutson, and Community Relations Coordinator Julie Christensen, to discuss concerns about career colleges and to see factual data in regards to completion and placement rates.

“Government at all levels has the power to support our ‘WE CARE’ vision or establish hurdles that make it more difficult,” said Director of Government Relations Tom Kosel. “If we are truly student-focused, we will look for opportunities to bring these decision-makers to our campus to meet our students and see how their educational experience has made a difference.”

Before leaving campus, Brickman and Hughes sat in and observed a Health Care Law and Ethics Class.  Director of Admissions Brittany Knutson felt the visit was a success stating, “I believe they left with a positive impression of our campus and the students we serve. I’m excited to have had the opportunity to start a conversation with policy makers.”