Health and Wellness Career Day Sparks Interest in High School Students

Portage and Horicon high school students and teachers gathered at Globe University – Madison East on Friday, February 10th for Health and Wellness Career Preview Day.

The event showcased Globe’s medical assistant and massage therapy career fields allowing students to participate in four break out sessions. The sessions included a Microbiology Labratory, Phlebotomy and Injection Labratory, Medical Administration Billing and Coding, and Massage Therapy and Palpation.

All sessions were designed to be interactive and informative allowing the students and teachers to experience hands-on learning.  In the medical assistant labs, students were able to work with a practice arm and draw blood, inject medicine, and learn the inside workings of medical bills.

Students had an interesting experience in the massage therapy lab where seven stations were set up with various items including marshmallows, beef jerky, and silly putty placed in pillow cases for the students to palpate and describe how each item felt.  Massage Therapy Program Chair Robin Rinehart then discussed the items and explained how each compared to certain muscles in the body.

Director of Admissions Brittany Knutson was pleased with the day, “We enjoy hosting preview days like this because they allow high school students to gain a better understanding of the various health care careers and the different aspects associated with them.”